6 Ways To Deal With An Annoying Ex That Refused To Let You Be

When my friend told me about how he was finding it difficult to get rid of his ex girlfriend, I didn’t find it strange. Many folks around the world find it hard to get rid of an annoying ex.

an annoying ex

I would have left him to deal with problem himself without saying a word. But I had to intervene because his present girlfriend does not deserve to be in that position.

She is almost perfect it’s unbelievable. Maybe it’s because of the stark contrast between her and the ex that makes her seem so perfect. Anyway, the point is, my guy and his new babe deserve a shot at happiness without an annoying ex throwing a spanner in the wheels.

What I told him is a practical advice of how to deal with an annoying ex. It worked for me when I faced the same problem. I know it’d work for anybody in the same boat

Deal with an Annoying ex by Ignoring them

If you are really serious that you want nothing to do with your ex, ignoring them is the starting point. Someone has to be very thick-headed not to get the message if you persist in ignoring them.

One of the most practical steps here is to change your phone number and block them from your social accounts especially Facebook.

Never Pander to their Emotions

an annoying exExes, just by their nature, know the right buttons to push to get us to react. You just have to recognize what is going on. So if you are sure the relationship is over, tell them in no uncertain terms.

One should learn to steel oneself when an ex tries to pull the emotional blackmail angle. It normally works like this: they remind you of all the promises you guys made to each other; all the wonderful times you shared together and some even resort to crying.

Just don’t get tired of repeating to them that it is all over and there is no going back. Period.

Tell your Mutual Friends

While mutual friends can be a big obstacle in getting over an ex with their constant attempts at trying to reconcile you two, they can also be useful in dealing with an annoying ex.

You can invite them over for a serious talk. Make certain they know where you stand. And then tell them in very clear terms how your ex is becoming a nuisance in your life and how you want them to intervene on your behalf; to make the ex understand that it is over and it is time they moved on.

Don’t do Anything ‘For old times’ Sake.’

This is one place people are always tripping when it comes to dealing with an annoying ex.

At a point, they might be tempted to do something with the ex out of nostalgia. I understand that nostalgia can be a powerful pull in our hearts, but you need to steel your heart against that.

This is one time it is advisable to work with your head only because it is your heart that is betraying you.

Truth is, if you do something, anything, with your ex out of those nostalgic feelings, you are likely to repeat them again. Long story short, you are not ready to move on.

Use you New Relationship as a Weapon

an annoying exIf there is one thing exes hate, it is the fact you found a new love in your life.

Never hesitate to flaunt your present partner in their faces anytime the chance presents itself. Sometimes they have to see it to belief you are really serious. This should halt them in their tracks of being an annoying ex you bet.

But some exes consider that a small detail in their annoying behavior. Don’t be discouraged. Tell them directly to their faces about how wonderful you new partner is each time they violate your space.

Eventually, they’ll move on.

Change your Watering Holes

I can understand how we find it irritating to change an important aspect of our life because of an annoying ex. But to ensure our future happiness, we must make sacrifices sometimes.

One of the sacrifices you need to make if you have an annoying ex is to change the clubs you go to after work or on weekends. Look for new ones and tell our friends why you had to do it. They’ll understand and respect your decision.

Fact is though, just one scheme might not work in trying to get rid of an annoying ex. Most times it is a combination of all them. And of course, you might get lucky and your ex would leave you alone almost immediately.

But what if they don’t leave you alone after going through all that? Then I have to say you are dealing with a nut case. And it begs the question of why you even dated that sort of person in the first place.

Didn’t you see the warning signs?!

Please, if you have any tips of how to deal with a crazy ex who never goes away no matter what you throw at them, do share it with us in the comment section. And if you haven’t done so, kindly like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.


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