6 Simple and Doable Ways To Easily Get Over An Ex

For many people, how to get over an ex can be a very daunting task. It is easy to just sit down and pontificate about how to do it and move on with life when you are not the victim.

get over an ex

If you’ve ever being truly, madly and deeply (thanks Savage Garden for that wonderful song) in love before, breaking up is one thing you are least prepared to handle. Loving someone that way actually means you become totally vulnerable to all the mess that comes after a break up.

There are stages of grief you go through when you break up. They are all part of the program of learning to get over an ex.

The plan here is to show how to get over an ex like a champ and come out smelling of roses on the other side. Just like I did. But to tell the truth, I am not too sure I am completely over her.

I always have this sneaking suspicion that buried deep down inside, there is a raging volcano of pent up emotions just waiting to burst and suffocate me. These are emotions and feelings I worked real hard to kill.

And just maybe, I did a perfect job of getting completely over her. Well, here are the things to do to get over an ex. They worked for me.

The Mutual Friends

get over an exMutual friends are the proverbial knife that cut in just one way. They should be avoided while you are trying to get over an ex.

The thing with them is they are genetically wired to get you guys back. Their intentions are noble; but most times misplaced.

So apart from not rushing to tell them immediately you get dumped, they should be the last to know. Tell them about the break a few months down the line when you are sufficiently strong enough to handle any pressure from them.

Trust me, if you really want to get over an ex, stay away from mutual friends.

Eliminate all Physical Evidence

get over an exThis is hard to do. But just try your best. In my case, her phone numbers and those beautiful photos of her in my smartphone were the first to go.

Then, I went through those lovely text messages that meant so much one time; and deleted them mercilessly

Anything that reminds you of them is fair game in your elimination spree.

Naturally, things like your fancy car(s) are exempt. I mean, those are expensive to just get rid of just like that. Worst case scenario, sell the damn car if it reminds you too much of the ex.

Look for a new apartment too if it comes to that.

Avoid your Regular Watering Holes

Those places specialize in reminding you of the little things that made your ex so special. You don’t want these reminders as you try to get over an ex.

Besides, there is a fat chance you’d bump into mutual friends (see above). And one inevitable question from them is how come you ain’t there with your ex? One probing question leafs to others, and before you can say, ‘barman‘, you’d spent the whole time talking about the ex you desperately want to forget.

So you better avoid the bars, restaurants, parties and other hangouts easily associated with you ex. Get new ones and begin to construct a new life for yourself.

A Rebound Affair is good to get Over an Ex

get over an exEven though jumping into a new relationship immediately after a breakup is not a good idea, sometimes it works out fine for everybody.

Your rebound partner might end being the perfect partner that was right under your nose. On the other hand, they might be a complete doucebag.

The point to note is, the fact you are completely immersed in a new relationship can go a long way in helping you get over an ex.

Go out and get a Life

Of course you had a life before, we all know that. But now is the right time to explore new interesting activities. Especially, things you kept putting off because having a loving partner took up most of your time.

Any psychologists would tell you getting involved in new activities, is one of the most guaranteed ways to get over a tragedy. So, just don’t sit and mope, move out and move on.

Do Silly or Stupid Things

get over an exIt can be hard to pull this off especially if you are an introvert. But I’ll advice you to really explore the idea of doing stuff you wouldn’t do normally. Naturally, some would accuse you of getting unhinged over your break up.

It doesn’t matter. You have a plan to get your life together again, so you better follow through with it.

My favourite stupid or silly idea is to wear weird clothes. Like buy pink pair of trousers and matching shoes and wear them to work. That always gives everybody something to talk about. The adrenaline rush refreshes you big time.

I wouldn’t advice you to get a wacky tattoo or any sort of tattoo on your skin though. That’s too extreme. On the other hand, extreme measures work just fine.

So if you can think of other silly things to indulge in to help folks get over an ex, do tell us in the comment section below. Or head to our Facebook page or Twitter and tell us the awesome things you did to get over an ex. Cheers.

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