3 Sure Ways To Know If A Man Is Going To Marry You

3 Sure Ways To Know If A Man Is Going To Marry You

There are several men out there who are only interested in you keeping them accompany. Of course, you will believe you’re dating and you’re in a relationship with him, but in his mind, you’re just keeping him accompany.

You may have been promised heaven and earth but when it gets to some certain issues, often times, he will switch the topic to another topic in which he will be more relaxed.

Ways To Know If A Man Is Going To MarryIf you’re not the type that really observe this trend, and allow him to always have his ways, in diverting important issue like marriage to another less important issues, such as taking you out to fast food joints, museum, and other recreational centers. You’ll remain in such attachment for many years to come.

Until you will one day stand your ground and determine to know, why he is always changing marriage talks to other less important issues, you may never get married; he will just waste your time.

You as a woman don’t have much time to waste because, when it get to certain stage in your life, you may lose those charming beauty that get more men attracted to you. He might even decide to dump you when he sees that you’re already getting old.

So, how do you know if a man is going to marry you and not a time waster?

I will be sharing with you 3 sure ways to know is a man is a marrying kind, there may be other pointer to prove that, but these three will give you a clue of how any guy will welcome the issue of marriage and get set for the preparation in earnest.

1. A marriage minded man will always be positive about marriage

At any time you raise the issue of marriage, a marriage minded guy will surely speak positive of it as well as other people’s marriage.

He will be open to such discussion and how both of you can quickly find ways to get it settled. On the other hand, if he speaks negative of it and condemn other people’s marriage, be sure, he’s not the marrying kind of man you want.

If he’s seeing marriage troubles rather than the benefit, he’s not a kind of man that will accept marrying you even though; he may profess it with his mouth. He is never going to be committed and you should just gently find you way and get out of his life before he waste the good part of you

2. Getting along with woman is not his problem

Don’t wonder away with what is being written up there, what that statement really mean is that, a marriage minded man will trust women in general.

This kind of man is the one who have had a positive relationship with woman in his life, from his mother to elder and younger sisters. He finds it easy going with his female friends as well as female co-workers.

He has developed the necessary skills to maintain healthy relationship with woman. These men have a greater understanding of women, or at least have come to peace with gender differences, and are less likely to see women as the enemy.

3. A marriage minded man is ready to settle down

This kind of man has passed the stage of life where all he wants is just the fun and freedom of relationship. I’m not saying here that, the man does not value freedom and fun in relationship but what I’m trying to put across is that, he does not take them as his main focus in the relationship.

He will think of finding a soulmate rather than just the fun dating someone. He will be more interested in building a home. On the other hand, if a man jokes about marriage and often advice people to value their freedom above woman, just be sure he’s not the type you need, he’s not of the marrying kind.

That is it, the 3 sure ways to know if a man is going to marry you, if in all what you observe about, it fall short of any of these 3 ways above, you will need to redefine your relationship with such man.

If you enjoy this post, I will want to hear from you, what you think, what was your experience with some of these men that don’t want marriage for now but to just enjoy the freedom and fun of relationship?

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64 thoughts on “3 Sure Ways To Know If A Man Is Going To Marry You”

  1. Is it posible for two real lovers to end it and become just friends without strong feelings towards each other?

  2. Hello i hav just met a guy dis guy is a lecture nd he as marry he two son’s dey ar living in different places dis guy promise to marry me differ dat he tell me his past and we hav being in relationship he care for me he concern about my schooling if i do wrong tin he should to correct me pls say he can marry me or he is pretending?

  3. My relationship is exactly 1year nd 1month nd my bfrnd is d one talk to me abt marriage, i nw his family he calls me more dan i do he always want me to b around him doesn’t want any man to call or even chat me if possible but still cheat on me do u tink he will me or his pretending?

    1. It’s difficult to say if he still loves you or not.
      Men always love the chasing game because they prefer to always be hunter.

      But the truth is, if he really loves, he doesn’t need to go cheating on you.
      Has he been asking of something from you that you denied him?
      Don’t let another woman take away your man from you, do something and show him that, you really love him and you have come to stay and be his only wife.

  4. Am 19 and i started dating this 33yrs amazing guy we r getting to 8months since we started and he’s already talking about marriage. But am scared that my parents won’t let me marry cos of my age. The relationship is godly and straight forward.

  5. We met at a Bakery. Exchange numbers. We kept talking. I told him I am a single mother, and he said he was I celebrate married with three kids. Divorced his wife when he found out she was dating her boss. He also advice ne to be careful with neb and life in general. I begin to like him. I hv gotten used to him dat I don’t want to loose him. But there was break in communication wen he ask me to visit him. Of which I said No. He promised never to ask again since dat will make me angry. Now I really want to see him. I told my dad about him n daddy said he wants to see him first. I told him n he didn’t say anything about it . Wat do I do? I don’t want to loose him.

    1. You can tell him how you know your dad will react, the kind of question he’s possibly going to ask him and tell him to just be free in his presence.

    1. Marriage is not about having too much money before it can happen.
      Don’t let that be an excuse for you.

      If you love him, you can have your marriage and things will get better if both of you are not lazy.

      Both of you can make do with what you have now to get married if you’ve achieve the marriageable age.

  6. Pls dear, der z a guy I grew up wt n right 4rm childhood they call us husband n wife. As we were growing we neva saw again till some yrs. later. Somtyms he talks abt having future with me bt doesn’t show seriousness and somtyms he discusses it with my mum & calls my mum his in law. He once introduced me 2his friend as his betrothed wife. Does it mean he’s serious…

  7. I av a guy wit me, he has been callin me since last yr bt d most confusin part is dat i dnt know how he got my numba, if i ask him he will say dat am d one dat gave him my no,he works at Lagos bt i lived in Ibadan, he comes to Ib sometimes once in a month bt d guy isn’t straightforward, anytime we want to see each oda,we always meet at a bar/coolspot,afta little discussion he will say dat we shuld go inside to av sex, he neva made mention of marriage, bt i use to tell him dat if he really wants to marry me, i will av my own shop coz am a chemist nd still in my higher education, he use to tell me dat he didnt av a lady in his life bt he do carry prostitutes,pls should i continue wit d relationship/quit?

  8. I av a guy dat we av been dating for almost 1and half years nw bt i dnt no any of his friend and family and me and d parent stay in d same town bt dey dnt no me wot shd i do
    Posted on February 12th, 2016

    1. I guess your guy is hiding something from you and it really proves he does not love you.
      Please get off from the relationship now, he’s just wasting your time.

  9. have been dating Dis guy for a year and nine month now he has a child an d baby mama want to com back but he said he doesn’t love her DAT it me he loves I also love him. an I didn’t mind marrying him but few days back a pastor (white garment church) gave me a revelation DAT he is goin to leave me I told him abt it and he said it a lie unless I want to leave him and I jst meet someone new DAT am beginning to like but he is a Muslim and am a Christian we have started seeing each other like a month back now and my boyfriend find out and was really hurt but he is willing to forgive me if I still want him back but am confused.

    1. Ayo try to follow your instinct.

      If you believe they guy is not going to leave you, you can both pray about and ask God to take control of everything.

      As per the new guy, I don’t have any issue with marrying another person with different religious believe, but you should be ready to become Muslim just like the new guy.

      In the African setting, 90% of times, it is the husband religion, that the wife will have to accept.

  10. I met this guy on Eskimi, he’s 31 and i’m 29. We have been chatting for 41days now n he even came to visit me @ school. He’s giving me the necessary attention n care every woman will need 4rm her man. I can’t really tell if he’s in love with me but i do. I don’t want to loose him so what do i do?

    1. He’s already building the process.
      Keep it cool, be sociable, show love, don’t pretend what you’re not.
      Let him see the kind of person you are and don’t forget to show care too.

  11. sunebari gift kenule

    Hv dating this guy for 7yrs now, he was my first date and we are still 2geder.he family like’s me we are from desame place and we love each other very mush. Shuld I continous or wat.

    1. What are you people waiting for after seven good years?

      If things are still going on well within both of you, then, there’s no reason why you’ll abandon him.

      You’ve been together for a very long time and by now, you should be preparing for your marriage.

      7yrs is just too long to be in a relationship and not yet married.

  12. If a man truly love you for marriage will he hide you away from his people or friends?
    2 since I met this guy even though my income is more than his,he has never given me anything I don’t know if he really love me.
    3′. He knows I am a widow but he is still coming to me for marriage how true is that? I have two kids is he really serious with the relationship or I should quit. Pls advice me.

  13. I met this guy for one month now and he calls some times not all the time, he always talk about how he loves me and how he wants to marry me. i don’t no if he really love me and wants to marry me pls i need advise on this

    1. Depending on the man’s age, one month is too short to determine if he’s really going to marry you.
      But, you should do your home work, get to know who the guy is, his work, family and friend and have some little understanding about his personal person. Don’t give him your heart yet, the one month is just too close dear.


    1. How long have you met him?

      Being the only son does not make him wanting you to get pregnant before anything can be done.

      what about if your family don’t accept you being pregnant before getting you married to a man?

      Please understand him well enough so as not to commit mistake that may mar your life.

      I understand no man what to marry a woman that cannot get pregnant, that will be an embarrassment to him and his family but so many thing can happen even after getting pregnant.

      Let your decision go inline with your faith.

      I wish you well dear.


    still on the same guy is getting to 4 months now and he calls me almost every day , and he is still talking about marry he is pleading for me to wait before six months for him to finish is course his is a navy guy and he is on course for six months and he said he woundt disappoint me . i don’t no if he really love me and wants to marry me pls i need advise on this

  16. i met a guy for 2 months and ask me to come to his house, he has not taken to his family and friends but he wants to have sex with me.what do i do.

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