Never Do these 8 Things in Your New Relationship

Never Do these 8 Things in Your New Relationship

You’re in love now, you just gotten into new relationship; Congratulation! What else? There so many other jobs to be done to make your relationship a successful one. Getting into new relationship can be demanding to some extent if you’ve no experience about it before hand. I want you to know that there are certain things you should never do in your new relationship, and these things is what I will be discussing with you now. There are several others that you shouldn’t do in your new relationship but I only try to put out the best 8 of those things you shouldn’t try in your new relationship.

Never Do these 8 Things in Your New RelationshipNever do these 8 things in your new relationship as I briefly explain them one after the one below.

Don’t talk about the future constantly

Your relationship has just started, it is important you don’t constantly talk about your future; this does not mean you shouldn’t talk about the future at all. There is enough time to really talk about the future of your relationship but with the few days you just gotten into a new relationship, you need to restrain yourself a little bit from talking every time about the future of your relationship.

Be sincere and try not to hide anything from your lover

The beginning of a new relationship can somewhat look tricky, in the sense that you need not hide thing from him or her, things ordinarily you hardly share with just friends kind of people. Your sincerity at the beginning of a new relationship like this will go a long way in building trust from your partner. So, everything about you must be laid open to your lover. A relationship that will be successful is always built on trust from both partners.

Never rush your lover into doing thing or overdo thing yourself

Every new relationship is always fund of trying to do all things at the same and get well with them all, even if you try to be yourself, at some time, you will want to rush into doing things. Please don’t rush it and the little thing you want to do in your new relationship, should not be overdo. For instance, don’t rush introducing your guy or girl to all your family, it is even better to introduce him or her to some of your friends first and gradually introduced him or her to your family members as the relationship grows.

Forget about playing hard to get

Playing hard to get is still good when you’re still flirting and trying to see if he can be of a good partner but once the relationship start, you should try to avoid it. What this mean is that, you shouldn’t avoid his phone calls, text messages, and his desire to meet or see you.

Don’t appear too dependent on him

Here in particular is talking to the ladies, because you have agreed to be in relationship with him doesn’t mean you should put all your need before him, doing that may end your relationship in the shortest time possible. Appear to be self-dependent and show no signs of neediness before him, he will love you more for being a woman that can stand fulfill her need even without him.

Your friends shouldn’t be forgotten

It is easy to forget your friends especially as at this time when you newly gotten into relationship, most of your thinking will be about him or her and you hardly find time to visit or holla at your friends as you used to before your new relationship. These friends are people you know before your lover and they will be the same people you will fall back to if anything negative happens to you in your new relationship. Your friends are there also to help you with some issue which will even help your relationship; they have their role and advice to play in your relationship as well. So, don’t forget about them, it might be costly.

Don’t be too jealous

 It is easy to fall into this trap, honestly no one is exempted here but you should try to remember your boyfriend or girlfriend has some other friends of opposite sex before meeting you. So you cannot just stop him or her from talking to them or chatting with them out of jealous. Take your time and get familiar with these friends before you can begin to know what to do with anyone of them that is trying to intrude into your new relationship.

If you can put all of these 8 things you should never do in your new relationship into practice, you’ll be far off better as the relationship progress and before you know it, months will pass and even years, that’s if you’re going to stay longer in just being relationship before matching to the alter of God for marriage solemnization.

Feel free to let know what else you think you should never do in a new relationship and also you can share your experience with us, so that other readers will learn something from you through the experience you’ll share with us. Please don’t forget to share this article and also like my Facebook Fan Page using the facebook icon below.

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