6 Reasons You Are Likely To Get Back With Your Ex

If you’ve had your fair share of relationships, it is very likely you have tried to reconnect with an ex at one time. Or if you just broke up, the statistics are against you that you will get back with your ex eventually.

get back with your ex

In the heat of a fresh break up, it is fairly common to swear oaths and make vows that you will never get back with your ex again.

But with the passage of time, when nerves have cooled down, perspective becomes your biggest enemy against keeping your promise not to have anything to do with your ex.

And to be frank, perspective is a real bitch. Sometimes it helps you make the right decisions on important issues. Other times, it leaves you feeling miserable that you made or are about to make a huge mistake.

I have to admit that I have also fallen prey to how perspective and time can make it look like going back to my ex would be the most important decision in my life.

To understand it is likely you will get back with your ex given enough time, read on and learn from a simple guy who just wants to be happy.

You still hook up

get back with your ex

If you are determined to move on from your ex, your zeal would definitely not be helped if you guys are still hooking up.

Places to hook up can be on social media like Facebook. Worse still, you guys might still like going to the same bars, parties and so many other places.

This is a sure path that you will get back with your ex. In which case, you better start preparing yourself for another shot at love with your ex.

You have a self-esteem problem

get back with your ex

In the wake of a break up, you might deal with the traumatic event in a totally negative way. One negative way is to believe your ex didn’t just reject the relationship, it was you that was rejected.

If you had that mindset, getting back with your ex is just a matter of your ex snapping their fingers and you would come running like dog who just saw a bitch on heat.

The truth is that, your low self-esteem has conditioned you to always seek for approval from people.

Getting back with your ex is therefore like a drug fix to satisfy your craving for approval. To show there is nothing actually wrong with you.

Your are have conflicting feelings

get back with your ex

After a break up, one of the first things you need to do is to face up to the fact of your new status. Not embracing that would open you up to conflicts between your head and your heart.

Your head could be telling you took the right decision to break up. But your heart on the other hand is having a hard time catching up.

Deal with the feeling in your heart squarely or else the idea of getting back with your ex would start to look very attractive to your head too.

We know in matters of love, the heart always has a way of overriding the pragmatic side of you.

So if you try to shut down the feelings in your heart thinking time will solve the turmoil in there, you are in for a nasty surprise. Sooner or later, the unresolved issues would rise to the surface and lead you back to the arms of our ex.

Changed circumstances

get back with your ex

This is one of the most widely used excuses why people get back with their ex. Changed circumstance might force you to want to give the relationship another shot.

For instance, perhaps you broke up because financially problems were standing in the way of having a happy relationship. But down the line, the guy now found himself a better job or has come into a lot of money.

That is just a good excuse to want to go back to your ex and prove you are actually a good lover to have.

Of course money is not the only thing that might change and make you do a rethink.

But the point is, when circumstances change, the emotional landscape in your heart might shift to accommodate a reunion.

Scared of finding better lover

get back with your ex

Also, you might be of the opinion that the best days of your life have already been invested in your ex. Starting all over might be daunting for you.

This leads to the feeling you are unlikely to find someone as good as your ex ever again. And once you begin to think like that, it is a short jump from wanting your ex back in your life again.

Can’t handle loneliness


get back with your ex

If you are the type that is lost except when they are with their partners, I am afraid you would find it difficult to let go of your ex.

Because you can’t handle loneliness or being alone, you are likely to rush from one bad relationship to another in a bid to plug that empty feeling inside you.

Since rebound relationships hardly work, it won’t be long before you want on ex back. The simple reason being your ex is the one person you are used to and hopefully understands you better than all the others.

Have you ever felt the urge to get back with your ex? Or have you actually done it before? We would love to hear about your reasons for doing so. Please feel free to share our thoughts in the comments section below.

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