5 Types Of Men Single Ladies Should Never Say Yes To

Ladies, take heed of the things I’d tell you here. After all, I am a man and I should know the types of men single ladies should never say yes to. Are you skeptical?

Men Single Ladies Should Never Say Yes To

First of, men talk to men. That means we know what is going down at any point in time. Far better than ladies do about their men. No matter what your man has led you to believe, we men know his secrets much more than you.

Many men would call me a snitch for telling ladies this stuff. But heck, I am doing it for a good cause. The way I see it, I ought to be given a medal for exposing the sort of men single ladies should never say yes to.

So, if you have your eyes set on that good looking bloke that just moved into the neighborhood recently, or some guy in church or at your place of work, read this up before you make a move.

Types of men single ladies should never say yes to

Man who thinks the world is lucky to have him

Men Single Ladies Should Never Say Yes To

Ladies, if you come across this sort of man, run for your life. Even men have a hard time putting up with them.

There are several names used to describe men like them. One such term is narcissist. Or vain.

So how do you know the man is a narcissist and should be avoided? The first clear sign is he expects to be complimented for everything he does. He also wants to take credit for everything.

‘How do I look? Don’t you think my car is the absolute best?’ Are the sorts of things that regularly come out of them. They love grooming themselves more than women do.

If you have your sights set on a man like this, do yourself a favour,  do a swift about-turn and look elsewhere. Or you would spend the duration of the affair telling him how awesome everything he does is. And rarely getting any kind of compliment in return.

The short tempered man

Men Single Ladies Should Never Say Yes To

This is another set of men single ladies should never say yes to for any reason. Unless of course you are an expert in handling violent men.

Under this group are the misogynist.These are men who hate women because their DNA is arranged that way. Don’t think for one moment you can change men like that. That is just the way nature or life’s experiences wired them to behave.

How to spot men like this is easy. They hardly ever have any thing nice to say about women. They have only insults for women including their mums.

For men like this, the place of a woman is under a man. Preferably him. God help you if you say yes to a man like this and his boss happens to be a woman.

He’d unleash all his frustrations of having to answer to a female boss on you. Trust me on that.

The suave playboy

Men Single Ladies Should Never Say Yes To

The first thing you may notice about him is his confidence and good looks. These two traits combined make a strong magnet for the ladies.

These men (playboys) use that confidence and good looks to hook anything that walks and talks in skirts. Any girl is fair game to them.

These are the men single ladies should never say yes to because the headaches and heartbreaks can turn them into emotional wrecks. However, if you are just looking to have a fling, you are safe to do it with the suave playboy.

In this case, you’d be doing him a favour when you decide to break things up; or when you are done with him. No hurt feelings on both sides.

The never here or there man

Men Single Ladies Should Never Say Yes To

These are men who are full of lies. The lies are not meant to hurt you though. Sometimes they can’t just help themselves. They lie to get their way or to dodge difficult questions.

The never here or there man is the sort whose source of income is never clear to you. He is an entrepreneur most of the time. What that means is that he is jobless.

But he would never say it out loud or that blunt.

What you hear is the business deal he is about to close that would elevate him to the status of an elite. They talk big all the time. And they act big.

They even believe their own lies sometimes. Which makes it easy to fall for their dreams because of the passion they pitch those dreams to you. Many single ladies fall for them. The believe is that they have prospects. Wrong!

Well, as a single lady be prepared to spend your own money on his dreams. Because men like that are so shameless they won’t mind taking your money to chase their illusions.

Please, for everybody’s sake, never say yes to men like that. Leave them to dig their own holes and stew in their own juice..

The zealot

Men Single Ladies Should Never Say Yes To

Let me describe the zealot men single ladies should never say yes to.

These men see everything in the world as either black or white. They are completely set in their ways. Once they make a decision nothing can make them change their mind.

Most of them have preconceived ideas about every topic under the sun. And their idea is the right one. It is either you are for them or against them.

You don’t want to get entangle with a man like that. Unless you are one to take psychological punishment as your due.

This list of the sort of men single ladies should never say yes to is just a broad outline. There are subcategories that would fit nicely into any of the above categories.

The point is, ladies, you must be observant before you commit to a guy. It never hurts to take your time before deciding to enter a relationship.

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