5 Signs That Show You’re In Love With A Narcissist

5 Signs That Show You’re In Love With A Narcissist

Who is a narcissist? A narcissist is someone who feel he’s very important than any other person, it is a self-inflated personality that has no regard for other person irrespective of their feelings.

But behind this self-acclaimed superiority lies a fragile self-esteem and someone who’s very vulnerable to any slightest criticism.

When your partner turns this behaviour to something he or she cannot do without, which has turn to his or her habit, you can be sure, he’s a narcissist. Some other persons may behave this way too, but they never turn it into a habit just as the way a narcissist will do it over and over again.

Here are the signs that shows your lover is a narcissist

5 Signs That Show You’re In Love With A NarcissistA high need for control

A narcissistic person don’t like to be at the mercy of other people’s choices, he or she will always  want to be in charge, which mean they hate the subject of feelings, this is something that remind a narcissist that he or she is vulnerable, they’ll never want it.

Instead of you being in control, a narcissistic lover would rather change the subject so that he can take control of the situation. When your lover begin to ask for what he/she want in a situation where you should be the one to take charge and may even manoeuvre you in other to get his/her outcome desire because of their high need for control. You may not even notice a narcissist intention, because you won’t see any signs of anger. His effort at controlling things is often far subtler that abuse on you.

His commitment is in doubt

There might be lots of reasons why a partner may not be willing to make serious commitment, but in case of a narcissistic lover, he/she will always want to keep the option open, thinking, there might be a better person than you. This mean to him or her, you’re not the right partner you’re just being used for his or her own benefit of being intimate with you, while he/she’s on the lookout for someone else that’s eligible. This mean you’re just being used as a backup and at the appropriate time, you might be shown a way out of the relationship.

A narcissist will use you for sex

If your lover only shows sign of caring when he needs to sleep with you and never connect with you emotionally, he’s a narcissist. He uses you to satisfy his sexual appetite, and as soon as his selfish gratification has been met, he disappears not minding how you feel (empty, hanging, and lonely). There’s no love in-between you both, although there is love making. He’ll soon surface when next he want to meet his craving sexual appetite.

Flirt with other while on a date with you

If you’re on date or just doing your couple thing together and you lover flirt with other people especially of opposite sex, then he has no respect for you and your feelings. This is one of the attribute of a narcissistic person; he holds you in a little regards and doesn’t care because he lacks the maturity to know better.

The two of the most important key of a successful relationship has been broken (Trust and Respect). He shows no respect for you and the trust you have been building together has been broken because he’s not concern about your feelings.

Very insensitive to your need

Your need is of no concern to a narcissistic lover. The best part of narcissistic people is that, they know how to flirt, romance and are good in persuading opposite sex with their charming and impressive outlook. It is even easier to fall for a narcissist and all you’ll be doing is what they want, which is what make them feel good. Once you’re under their control, they’ll begin to make more demand and become critical. Your need often is of no concern to him or her.

A narcissistic lover often has poor listening habit, interrupt you and like to talk mostly about himself. Such lover shows less regard for your need, thought and feelings.

All of these signs couple together are what you should take notice and when you begin to see them, just know that, you have a narcissist as your lover. These are their ways of dodging vulnerability, the very tactic all narcissistic persons are favourably disposed.

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