Whom Do I Date? How to make the Right Relationship Decision

I understand that a lot goes into making the right relationship decision but it is indeed a very important process in the life of everybody.

What can a person term as being “right” anyway? I see a lot of people go into various relationships thinking they are with the right person but end up leaving that person to be with someone else.

I see being in a relationship with another person like a game of chess; it’s either you win or you lose so the issue of making the right relationship decision could be dicey.

The most important thing is looking for the right pointers in whomever you want to date. To therefore make the right relationship decision, consider the points in this article.

Are you compatible?

One thing that can drive two people crazy is if they are not compatible with each other. This is one thing you should look out for as a way of making the right relationship decision.

If you do not flow with the other person, there will always be conflicts and arguments. No relationship is perfect but there has to be a synergy between the two of you.

If all you both do is to quarrel and settle all the time, how will you really enjoy that relationship?

If you therefore plan on dating someone, find out if you are both compatible?

Does he or she have your interests at heart?

Someone who cares about you will be concerned about everything about you. People pretend a lot but this is a key attribute to look out for when trying to make the right relationship decision.

Does he or she ask you questions about what you want or what your dreams are? If they do and make efforts to help you achieve your dreams then they sincerely care about you.

Relationships should not be one sided but both of you should be concerned about each other. It is only through this you can both get the best out of each other.

Is he or she fun to be with?

How to make the Right Relationship Decision

This may seem funny but it is necessary. There are times you go out with someone and they are extremely boring. Well, for me that is a “NO.”

Why date a person who makes you feel like sleeping? Imagine your whole life with such a person. Well, the only way you can tolerate such a person is if you are equally boring yourself.

But if you find yourself happy whenever you are with him or her and they make you laugh then consider that a “YES.”

Do you complement each other?

This is one factor that should be considered when making the right relationship decision.

We all have weaknesses so in terms of relationships, one persons strength should be able to make up for the weakness of the other.

When one falls, the other should be able to pull him or her up.

Do you see this happening?

How far are you both willing to be with one another?

Do you see yourself being with this person for a long time or is it just a fling or one off thing?

It could be sometimes hard to decipher this due to certain things that may happen which you may not be in control of but it is good to have an insight into this.

There is a difference between love at first sight and true love but knowing this from the beginning will help a lot.

If you therefore have a future foresight on the direction of that relationship with him or her, you will feel more at ease being with such a person.

Is he or she good looking?

How to make the Right Relationship Decision

While this may not be a compulsory factor; I think it is important. This should not be the ultimate yard stick for making the right relationship decision but it is not bad to consider it.

People have their preferences but from my point of view, I would prefer dating someone whose face I can always enjoy looking at. What do you think?

While this may not be all there is to know in making the right relationship decision, I wish you the very best as you make use of these few tips.

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