5 Ways To Deal With Anger In Relationship

5 Ways To Deal With Anger In Relationship

ways to deal with anger in relationshipIt is an undeniable fact that anger is part of our life and no one is immune to it irrespective of your age, colour, race and nationality. You can get angry at any time because sometimes you may not directly be the cause, but what people around you do can trigger anger in you. In your relationship too, there is every possibilities that you will get angry but your ability to put it under control will help you for successful love and relationship for longer time.

What does it take to put your anger under control in your relationship? There are 1001 ways to put anger under check in relationship but not all of them are suitable for everyone and for all circumstances. In this article, you’re going to learn the top 5 ways to put anger under control in your relationship, the five of the them work in any situation provided you can apply them appropriately as I’m going to let you know below:

Top 5 Ways to Control Your Anger in Your Relationship

1. Immediately you feel anger, challenge it right away

Anger is very bad if allowed to become fully blown; they are dangerous to your life and your relationship. When you feel angry or you realized that your partner is angry, it is important you challenge that anger immediately before it becomes resentment which will eventually build up hatred in you against your partner. If you allow it to grow beyond the initial stage, it will take you more time to settle thing and if care is not taken, things will get worse and that maybe a signal to the ending of your relationship.

2. Never you keep anger to yourself alone

If you partner makes you angry, don’t harbor it in your mind and be waiting for some time to build up before address it as issues. You should share your anger with your spouse or lover as the case maybe, whatever things that cause the anger, it can only be resolve if you let the other person aware of the way you feel about certain things he or she does that make you lose your temper. Sharing it will make the effect reduced and chances of having to deal with anger that is build up over time which will hurt you badly.

3. Try to recognize the mindset of your partner

Before your partner bust out in anger of whatever things that may trigger it, your ability to recognize his or her mindset will help you calm your partner down. You can say to your partner something like; “I see that you are angry about this situation or I understand that my attitude these days get you angry” saying words like this will calm down your partner temper and from there the issues causing the anger can be addressed, then both of you will continue your normal love, romance and relationship with none of you nursing any form of anger against each other.

4. It is important you learn to stay calm

When your partner is angry and he or she suddenly get mad at you, you need to stay calm and not return anger for anger, remember that anger fuels angers and that two wrong can never and will never make a right. Your ability to stay calm and focus will help bring your partner’s anger level down and from there, the issue will addressed but if you don’t stay calm and yell at your partner back, more damages can be done to your relationship and you wouldn’t want that to happen to your relationship. [Read; Best 3 ways to handle carry out conflict resolution in relationship]

5. Ability to listen to an angry partner

Why is the listening skill so important in controlling annoyance in relationship? When you listen to an angry partner and understand the cause of the annoyance, you will be able to deal with the issue positively. When one is annoy and no one is listening to you, you get angrier and you can get crazy about it, but if someone is listening to you, it will help you calm down your fury. This is applicable too to your relationship, give your partner a listening hear when he or she is angry and that will help calm down the situation. Of course, knowing that someone is listening to you when you’re angry help calm down nerves.

With these above five effective ways to deal with anger in your relationship, you can be sure that you’ll have more fun and loving relationship. We will appreciate your contribution below in the comment box, we love to hear feedback from our reader. Also don’t forget to visit and like our Facebook Fan Page.

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