Loving The Wrong Person Hurt But Love Itself Doesn’t Hurt

Loving The Wrong Person Hurt But Love Itself Doesn’t Hurt

What exactly is love? The basic understanding of love is that, love the most powerful feelings you can ever have yet complex in nature. Loving someone without returns can really crush your heart and that is why it is so complex, but when your love is mutual, you feel you’re on top of the world and there can’t be any feeling greater than the one you’re feeling at that time.

Loving The Wrong Person Hurt But Love Itself Doesn’t HurtLoving another person mean giving your heart out to the person with trust that nothing will hurt you, as far that person too loves you. The reality of things is that, love itself does not hurt, like I said, it is the most powerful feelings you can ever have, love is what unite the whole word, is what hold you in your family, and above all, God himself is Love.

So, tell me how can love hurt? What make people believe that love hurt is because, they don’t have genuine love, and they have loved for the wrong reasons. And when something negative comes of it, it hurt them badly.

If you love blindly, you will get hurt badly. I know some people still believe that, love is blind because they have been blindfolded by their own lustfulness of heart, loving for the wrong reason, reasoning & thinking with their heart and loving with their head.

Love does not hurt but loving the wrong person is actually what hurt people. Really, love is a function of acceptance, if you perceive it wrongly, you will get hurt but if perceive rightly, you’ll love to keep it flowing.

This is how it is, if you don’t want to get hurt, know this today. Nobody as human can love you exactly the way you want to be loved except God. If you can have this at the back of your mind, as you give your heart out to be people, remember that they are human, they can’t perfectly love you the way you want it.

That will save you lots of grieves in your life, if you cannot accept this totally in your mind, just pretend that, that person does not exist and you won’t be worried about hurt anymore. When you eventually meet the right person, your love will glow. Then you will realise that, you’re hurt because, you’ve been loving the wrong person all these while. Now that you’ve found the right person, you will come to agree that love does not hurt.

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