Using Your Inner Game to Defeat Your Biggest Enemy in Attracting Women

Using Your Inner Game to Defeat Your Biggest Enemy in Attracting Women

What possibly can be your biggest enemy to attract any beautiful woman you want? Lots of guys have mentioned many things that stop them from attracting any woman they love to approach. The common one among their problem is the present of other alpha males competing for the same women with them. They say these alpha males know how to woo any woman and have them begging to come into their life as soon as possible, and they give up because of the present of the alpha male guys. [Must Read; How to make a woman approach you]

Using Your Inner Game to Defeat Your Biggest Enemy in Attracting WomenWhat of if I tell you right here today that your biggest enemy in attracting woman is NOT the present of other males competing for the same women but you YOURSELF. I repeat, you’re the number one biggest enemy that stops you from attracting the woman of your choice. [Also read; Simplest Way to Attract Any Woman You Desire]

Have these kinds of thought ever run through mind before?

“She will not be interested in guys like me.”

“I will make a fool out of myself if I should go up and approach this lady.”

“I’m going to be single forever.”

“This girl is hot but there is no point in trying to talk to her because she won’t even listen to me.”

“I like her but she will throw me off balance with her beauty if I make any attempt to talk to her.”

If these kinds of thought have been ravaging your mind, there is every possibility that you’re committing an unforgivable sin against yourself.

You cannot continue to defeat yourself before you even make any attempt all. You will only remain in the same place and see other guys taking the ladies you so much desire to have in your life with ease.

I must admit it that we all do it at some certain stage of our life, and it is our ability to put all those thought behind us that get us to where we are today. One thing you should first know in this scenario is that your thought are not right, they are all wrong. There is no different between you and other guys you consider too good in attracting any woman into their life.

You see, we sometimes talk ourselves out of something because we feel intimidated about it. And that is exactly what might be happening to you right now. You will want to justify your thought, looking for 1001 excuses and said to yourself that you’re not going to succeed if you make any attempt and that justify why you shouldn’t give it a try at all. No need wasting time huh!

It is time to put your inner game at work

Take this test to check out if your thought is working against you or in your favour.

Look around you and see if you can spot any attractive woman that you will love to have a chat with to get to know more about her. If you can’t spot anyone where you are right now, there is no problem here, use the alternatives by thinking back to the attractive woman you’ve seen that day. [Also read; 8 Physical Attraction Tips to Make You Look Hotter]

Next, imagine what would happen if you move closer to her and started talking to her. Ensure you picture the whole scenario clearly; what you say, what she says. Play the whole talking in your mind down to the end of it all. You now have an image of how it will look like in your head now, that’s great

This is how you’ll need to interpret you results

  • If the woman you talked to or imagine turn you down in your imagination or everything went badly, then you’ll need to brush up on your inner game.
  • On the other hand, if you had it successful and get down to the end of it all, then you’ve got a good grip on the inner game. With that I will say Bravo to you!

What you have just done with your inner game now is to use the power of inner game to work in your favour and not against you. [Also Read; Using Law of Attraction to Find Your Love]

Thinking negative about yourself will deny you of attracting attractive woman into your life. So, in whatever you do, don’t make fool of yourself, it will only drain you of every possible attractiveness in the eyes of women.

Positive people are more successful, more attractive, and all-around happier. So why don’t you think positive of yourself? One of the hardest things for any guy to master is the ability to BE HIMSELF no matter who else is around. So, learn to be yourself and think highly of yourself before any attractive woman and you’ll be surprised at the end result.

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