5 Simple Tips For Your First Blind Date To Avoid A Disater

Preparing for a date, let alone your first blind date, can fill you with trepidation. You are left with a lot of questions. And no answer would ever leave you satisfied.

your first blind date

This is because you are not just concerned about your mysterious date, you are also worried about:

  • Whether you would measure up to your date’s expectations
  • Whether the whole date would be a disaster and
  • Whether you would handle yourself well

These are some of the things pinging around your head as you are preparing for your first blind date.

Before going to meet your date, put it firmly at the back of your mind that this is just a new exciting adventure. And like all adventures, you intend to have fun.

Hopefully, that should calm you down. Then follow the tips to prepare for your first blind date

1. Think of the location

your first blind date

Since it is a blind date, it is likely you have a location planned ahead. That is important as it would determine the sort of clothes you would wear.

As your first date, you don’t want to make a bad first impression. And the clothes you wear would play a huge part. Wear the wrong clothes, the first impression you create is of somebody incapable of making right choices

On the other hand, the appropriate clothes would give the opposite first impression on your date.

So don’t go wearing clothes fit for dinner in an elegant restaurant if you guys had already arranged to meet at the cinema. You get the drift?

2. Be comfortable in your clothes

your first blind date

Dressing comfortably is important. For ladies, it’s not advisable to wear stiletto heels for your first blind date. You are likely to spend the evening trying not to wobble on your feet instead of concentrating on your partner.

If you are a dude, your first blind date should not be like your first interview for a corporate job. In other words, don’t dress in tight fitting suit and tie.

Generally, dressing nicely and casual is best. This mode of dressing can fit any situation.

3. Have a very good Plan B

Not all dates, even with people you are familiar with end up great. With your first blind date, the chances of a ruined affair is even higher.

It is entirely possible you won’t like your date for so many reasons. For instance, their vibes gave you a bad feeling or, God forbid, they have a very bad personality.

Whatever it is, you must have an escape plan to end the date as gracefully as possible.

One strategy is to have a friend call you up on your cell at a predetermined time during the date.

Depending on how your date is panning out, you can claim the call is an emergency and gracefully excuse yourself. This makes it a lot less awkward for everybody.

4. Make your mind a blank slate

your first blind date

One of the things that can turn an ordinary first blind date to full blown disaster is to have preconceived ideas about the stranger you are about to meet.

Most times, these ideas have a way of blinding us to the good things about our date. So no matter how hard you date tries, you just can’t shake away the ideas you came with.

For starters, don’t jump to judgment based on first impressions. Secondly, give them a long rope to get into their stride.

Put yourself in their place. You date might be having some misgivings about you too. So it’s best at least one of you gave the date a chance succeed by keeping an open mind.

5. Be positive, have fun, have a great time

your first blind date

Yes, you should try to take it in that order.

First of all, you must have a positive attitude throughout the date. At least if you’ve passed the point where you don’t have to activate plan B, why ruin things with a negative mindset.

Then look for ways to have fun. Don’t force it though. Make it natural or your date would think you are trying too hard. This is one time you would need your top-notch communications skills to be in full flow.

However, communication doesn’t mean you have to talk on and on. Pause and listen to what your date has to say.

To make your job easier, treat your date like an exciting new discovery with so many new things you need to learn about them.

If your attitude is positive and you are able to have fun, that easily translates to having a great time. See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

So how was your first blind date if you’ve ever gone on one? We would love to know how you navigated your way through it.

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