Grooming For Your First Date: Important Tips To Keep In Mind

Grooming for your first date is not something that should be taken lightly. Many people take that aspect of dating for granted. The success of a relationship can sometimes rest on how you present yourself on that first date.

Grooming for your first date

After all, first impressions are important, right?

The prevailing situation when it comes to grooming for your first date is that you may over-do it or not even bother to cross the essential ‘ts’ in grooming. This neglect of the little things can make or mar your chances of success with a prospect.

The perfect grooming for a first date comes naturally to some people. They are the lucky ones. If you have a friend with that gift, take advantage of their presence in your life and seek their counsel on grooming.

Those people who know how to navigate the tricky waters of a first date would tell you these things about grooming for your first date.

Give your body extreme TLC

Grooming for your first date

Getting set for a date for the first time can be hard for those who are not used to it. However, the number of times you go on a first date has no link to how you treat your body.

The trick is to imagine your body as a blank canvass on which you have to draw a masterpiece.

Your check list for your body must include these:

1. Take a Bath… That goes without saying. If you like doing this slowly, then you must be aware of the time. You don’t want to arrive arrive on your first date late.

2. Remove all unwanted hair from your body. There are several places you need to pay attention to. Your nostrils and face for instance. For the ladies, waxing your legs would not be a bad idea.

3.Your fingernails.. Dirty fingernails on a person are very unsightly. Do a manicure or retouch those colors on your nails if that is your thing.

What you wear is important

Grooming for your first date

I can’t stress this point enough. What you wear is very important in grooming for your first date.

Because of the occasion, some people simply over-do this aspect of preparing for a first date.

The rule of thumb for all ages and sexes is simply this : don’t dress up as if your are going for an important presentation at your place of work or as if you are going to an interview for a bank job.

At the other end of the scale, you shouldn’t dress as if you are going for your weekly kick-about with your friends or family at the park.

The best way to dress is somewhere in between those two extremes. Casual, but not too casual. Like the kind of stuff you would wear when you want to meet friends at a nice bar for a drink.

The same goes for you shoes too. Sneakers or loafers would be the best for the guys. Stiletto heels are not advisable for ladies. If you can’t do without high heels, just make sure they are the sort of shoes you can wear when you go shopping with the girls.

Smell nice

Grooming for your first date

If you have not invested in perfumes and body sprays before, this is the time to do it.

Seriously, talking about grooming for you first date is incomplete without this.There are many perfumes and body sprays for both sexes. Some though are unisex.

For the guys, I suggest you go for something with a strong smell. Studies show that strong-smelling perfumes gives the impression of virility and vitality in men.

For the ladies though, something less strong would do just fine. However, the trend in ladies perfumes tends towards perfumes as strong as those that men use.

So for the ladies, unless you are thinking of seducing the man, perfumes with a solid fragrance would be nice as part of the grooming for your first date.


Grooming for your first date

Though the following do not form part of grooming, they are also just as important. You must make sure to arrive on time. It is bad manners to keep you date waiting on a first date.

Also, remember to do something about your phone. The best would be to leave it at home. Since we can’t do that these days, the next best thing is to put it on airplane mode or silent. And of course, keep it out of sight during the date.

The world can afford to wait for you while you are taking the first steps of what could be the most important journey of your life. So keep the phone out of sight.

The whole point of these tips about grooming for your first date is to raise you confidence level several notches up. Dating experts would tell you that grooming for your first date is not just about showing up at the venue on time.

Preparation is also key.

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