5 Secrets That’ll Make You A Great Date

5 Secrets That’ll Make You A Great Date

Dating can be fun only if you understand the secrets that’ll make you a great date. It is very much possible for you to be a great catch but end up being a bad date. If you have never been experiencing the fun of a great date before now, I’m here to offers you a helping hand with the secrets that’ll make you a great date.

Dating involves skills and you need to work and master these skills so that everyone you date, will always be thankful for spending the time with you even if things doesn’t work out as both of you may plan it.

5 Secrets That’ll Make You A Great DateHere are the 5 secrets that’ll make you a great date

1. How thoughtful you are in your questions

You can’t be a great date if your questions look boring and uninteresting, use thoughtful question to ask your date about things in their life. When you ask good questions about their accomplishment, life, trips, interest and even the stories about their educational background, you will sound more interesting. Your goal is to show interest in the life they have lived up until that moment.

2. Ensure you’re active in your listening

The worse date anyone could ever had is not listening actively on their date, they’ll ever be considered as uninteresting and time waster. Pay close attention to your date, every word spoken should be able to sink into you and you should be able to rephrase any word you think you don’t really understand and let your date throw more light into it. Sometimes, it is always good to rephrase your date, using other words but retaining the message, it shows you’re actively listening. If you’re having challenges with listening, try and make mental note of what’s being said and use these words as another point of discussion in a later date. Just pay attention to your date and refer to it later when opportunities arise.

3. Pay attention to your date and never get distracted

When you’re on a date, you need to get focused and never be distracted by the things going on in your surrounding as far as they are not of safety concern. Keep eyes contact on your date and don’t start scanning around the room constantly, if you do that, it shows you’re not comfortable with your date and you’re never going to be an interesting person as far as that date is concern.

4. Mix positivity with sense of humour

It is always advisable to always stay positive when you’re on a date, even if you’re sharing something painful or hearing something painful on your date, always look at the bright side of it and be optimistic about any situation that may make you feel down on your date. one of the good way to stay positive even if you’re sharing something remorseful is to add humour to it. Laughter will help you to neutralized the pain that can make you look saddened, with humour you’ll be able to feel comfortable with your date without thinking negative about your past pain or something still causing you pain presently. [Read; Things you can talk about on your first date]

If you know you can’t handle some painful experiences, it will be good for you to save them till when you can be able to handle it in your relationship, this mean, keep them away from your date at that particular point in time, in other not to jeopardize your chances of being a great date. Dating is never  a time to be miserable, but rather a time to have fun, laugh and be comfortable.

5. A thankful heart

Time is precious and anyone who spends his or her time with you should be appreciated for the time spent communicating with you. A thankful heart will always receive more of favour of which they are being appreciative. If your date does something for you, don’t forget to show gratitude after the date. If you desire to see your date again and again, then a thank you note is not out of place. You can even send a thankful text messages or mail, showing you appreciate and enjoyed the time spent with you.

Yes, with these 5 secrets that’ll make you a great date, you can be confident that you’ve gotten something that’ll boost your chances of being a wonderful person to spend time with. There may be more and you too can have one that’s working for you, but all in all, you need to make your date something worthwhile.

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