How To Handle Too Many Questions On Your First Date

How To Handle Too Many Questions On Your First Date

A date is meant to know each other better and understand what the other person wants in life and if possible both of you can be compatible. First date especially is not always that smooth for both individual involve.

Because of the eagerness of your date to know more about you, there is every tendency that you’ll be bombarded with too much questions and you’re expected to provide answers to them without offending your date.

How will you cope with such demand when you’re being asked questions that are just too early to discuss about on a first date? [Read; First date conversation topics to talk about]

How To Handle Too Many Questions On Your First DateYou can’t blame your date for being inquisitive in the way you’re being asked questions too sensitive for a first date discussion. All you need do is to know how to handle too many questions on your first date because you can’t control the other person and it is your date desire to know more about you and decide to ask you for a second date, third, and probably decide to stay with you as the potential partner.

The ways to handle too many questions on first date without getting offended and expecting positive outcome are what are being highlighted below.

1. Change the topic of discussion

Yes, change the topic if you’re not comfortable with the question. So, how do you change the topic? The best way to do that is to first say “hmmm” then call for the waiter, barman, or any other person responsible to serving the customer and ask for something.

You can also change the topic by asking other random question but don’t wait for an answer from your date before adding question like this; what were we talking about before you ask that question and give a sexy smile, you date should be able to understand you don’t want to answer the question.

2. Redirect the question back to your date

If you don’t want to answer a question from your date, you can redirect the question back to your date. But before you redirect it, first let your date know that, that question is very interesting and worth answering by telling your date something like; that’s really an interesting question but if you were in my shoe how will you answer this kind of interesting question. You’ll be able to get a clue from your date and your date can even go ahead and tell you more about their past experience, and you know what that mean, you’ve evaded that question.

3. Be plain and direct

There some questions you don’t want to answer especially when such questions come on a first date. You can be direct about it though not offensively but plainly, let your date know that, you’re not comfortable answering such questions on a first date and another time will be better without making it as if you’re hiding something from your date.

But you must make sure that; you don’t repeat this again throughout the night by saying you’re not comfortable with questions like that. If you do that again, you may be seen as someone who is uptight or someone who is not open and the chance of getting a second date may be hampered.

4. Stay silent for a moment

When you stay quiet when being asked question you don’t want to answer, it’ll make your date feel uneasy and instantly rephrase the question in such way that, even if you decide not give an answer to the question, it won’t make your date feel worse about it.

And again staying silent will also give you room to have a deeper thought before you say anything that may spoil your chances. Your response will be well-thought.

5. Strong eye contact, smile and a pat at the shoulder

It is possible that your date will ask you question that will make you feel discomfort instantly, though it is not your date intention to make you feel so, but out of excitement or being carried away, your date can overstep his boundary with question that’s not necessary for a first date.

To handle question like this, you’ll need to hide your discomfort, give your date a strong eyes contact with good smile and pat your date shoulder, then ask, do you normally asked intimate question like this on a first date. Don’t let your date clearly understand that you’re feeling uneasy about the question and that can be achieved with a good smile. [Also read; What girls always notice on first date]

I’m very sure, with these five points above; you’ll be able to handle too many questions on your first date without getting offended.

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