What Men Say, And What They Actually Mean On A First Date

What men say are most times unambiguous especially on first dates where they are out to impress the girl with a lot of impressive talk. Because, let’s face it, talk is really what we have to offer the girl on a first date. We are like salesmen there.

what men say

In that respect, if what men say should mean something different, it doesn’t mean it is in the same ball park with what women really want. What women really want is even more complex than rocket science.

Women don’t know men go through a lot to make sure dates don’t end in a disaster. For the woman, all she has to do is decide which piece in her wardrobe is fitting for the occasion and perhaps how much makeup to put on.

For the man, he has to pick the right spot to fit the occasion; he has to make sure he has enough money to cover even unexpected expenses; he has to appear cool and in control throughout; and most importantly, he has to be able to say all the right things throughout the date.

Women just don’t have a clue I always say.

So this piece is mostly for all those wonderful ladies. Try to make the man’s job easier. One of the reasons the guy is sitting directly opposite you, gazing lovingly into your eyes (or avoiding your eyes because he is a bit confused) is because your are smart. Use that intellect and see beyond what men say. Know what they really mean.

What Men Say vs What They Mean

what men say1.When we say something like: ‘Go ahead and order anything for yourself. I ate something very heavy this afternoon.’

We mean: ‘I picked this restaurant just to impress you. I didn’t know it was this expensive. Please, don’t order anything like I said. Show me you are a girlfriend material by being reasonable in your order. Or do I look like the son of a multi billionaire?’

2.When he says: ‘I am a businessman. I have several projects in the pipeline.’

He means: ‘I am currently unemployed. And please don’t be too inquisitive about what I do for a living or else I might be forced to lie to you. And you know fibs are not a good foundation for a first date. Just ask me things like if a like pets.

3.When men say: ‘I am looking for a friend I can talk to. Nothing serious.’

What they mean: ‘I only said that not to make you feel pressured. My buddies would do a better job of talking to in a million years. I hope you understand I am just looking for a fling. Come on, who takes a pretty girl like you out just to talk? I am not gay for God’s sake!’

what men say4.When men say: ‘I am really tired because of the rough day I had at work today. And tomorrow is going to be the same.’

What they mean: what a man says that on a first date, lady, he means he is not enjoying your company. No matter how tired he is, the adrenaline rush of going out on a first date should pull him through. We men don’t get tired when trying to talk or lure a new girl to our bed.

You are just boring and he is trying to find a nice way to tell you you are not likely to have a second date with him. Everything ends there.

5.What he says: ‘Work has being really hectic for the past couple of months.’

What he really means: that is another variation of number four. In this case though, what he is really telling you is, ‘I hope you don’t mind seeing me just a couple of times in a month. We can’t be doing this consistently like regular couples.’

what men say6.When he says: ‘That is one movie you must watch. Luckily for you, I have it at home. Let’s go and watch it.’

What he means: ‘ I wish I can get intimate with you right now. Apparently, society frowns at doing that sort of thing publicly.’

Of course, there are several variations of that. The whole point is to get you to his house. If you really like him, don’t make it difficult for him. Please…

7.When he says: ‘Last night was one of the best. But I think we should take things slow. Let’s not rush into anything.’

What he means: ‘Last night was a bummer. It was a waste of my time and money. However, I am going to give you another chance to see if you can up your game. I’ll call you when I’m ready.’

So ladies, that is a short guide to the hidden nuances in what men say. As you can see, we are rather very simple people. It’s just that sometimes we find it a bit iffy to say what we really mean without hurting your tender feelings.

Have a different opinion or better ways of how men should diplomatically say things? Educate me in the comments section or click one of our social media icons where you can do same on Facebook or Twitter. Cheers.

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