Who Should Pay The Bill On Your First Date

Who Should Pay The Bill On Your First Date?

I can see you smiling because you think you know the right answer to this question that bother all would be first date starter and thereafter. This generation is different from the generation of our father and if you try to follow what is obtainable in that generation, you may miss on so many latest happening in this generation dating scene.

Who Should Pay The Bill On Your First DateWho should pay the bill? Scariest question that every modern man always ask himself when it’s about going for a date. In the days of our father, dating was not too complicated as it is now and that question can be easily answered right away without blinking an eye. But now, special consideration has to be given to it.

At the start of your relationship, especially the very first month, you’re the one who invited the young lady out for a date, so that you guys can know each other a little better. At this very stage, you have to take center stage as the man in charge. This is very important because, the girl will use that very first date to judge your competency in handling her with her life. So, in this case, you’re the one who will pick up the bill. It shows you understand the social dynamics of the relationship between man and woman.

One great idea to help with this situation is to never take the girl to any expensive or sophisticated restaurant or eatery. I know some guys do it to impress girls but at the end of it all, they ended up driving the girls farther away from them. That kind of behaviour is associated with losers and I think you’re not one of them.

[sws_highlight hlcolor=”FAF202″] Simple formula apply here; inviter = you pay or invitee = you don’t pay. [/sws_highlight]

Meaning if you’re the one that invite the other person for a date, then you should be ready to pay the bill and if you’re the one that is invited, you don’t need to fund that bill. Ok. [Read; Your First Date; The Thing You Can Talk About]

Then, two to three month after the relationship has started. By this time, you’re already getting use to each other and you have some little knowledge about the other person you’re going out with. You would have already made up your mind if the girl worth dating or not. And again the girl too would have done the same thing, if thing work out for both of you, it is all fine and good.

The lady at this point will try and make effort to see that the relationship work out just as you too want it to be. So, she can as well invite you for a date. It is not only the man that should always be inviting lady for a date.

So if she initiated the date so that you can still get to know each other more, she will be the one who pay. Remember the formula above.

She will even tell you that this bill is on her, so you don’t have to bother yourself. I know what losers are capable of doing here. They will refuse the offer and say something like this;

“No, it’s out of the question, I’m the man, I’m the one who pays.”

That sentence can be translated this way;

“No, it’s out of the question, I’m the idiot, the maga, I’m the one who pays” Lol.

Let me tell you, you see, when a woman try to do something like this, it only tell you one thing. That she’s committed to make that relationship work and she shows it with her committed effort. Don’t think woman are stupid, they know what they are doing. She is investing her money, time and her availability to ensure thing work out as expected.

If you don’t allow her to pay and show commitment, she will thinks of you as someone who think you can buy her love and attention with your money or affluent. If she will still continue with you, both of you will only end up as just being friend and nothing else.

Beyond the third months; you’re now boyfriend and girlfriend. When you still want to go for a date, the question will still pop up. Who will pay the bill?

At this level, it should be in the ratio 2:1, when you go for a date, out of 3 date, you allow her to pay for one and you take the rest 2 times. [Also Read; The Older You’re, the Better Your Dating Game]

By now, I’m sure the question of who should pay the bill has been dealt with accordingly in this post. If you feel anything contrary to the idea express here in this post, please leave a comment below and let see how it goes. I will also appreciate it if you can help me to share this post using any of the social media icons below as well as like my Facebook Fan Page below too. Thanks

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