Your Girlfriend is a Misandrist If She Exhibits These 6 Traits

Misandrists don’t get much attention as men who have a psychological hatred of women, also known as misogynists. But as some men will testify, if your girlfriend is a misandrist, don’t think you are special. Many men are in the same shoes as you are.

your girlfriend is a misandrist

If you are still wondering, a misandrist is that special breed of ladies who thoroughly dislike men, to put it mildly. That hatred could have developed over her lifetime or she was born with it.

However that attitude towards men came to be, the simple fact is, if your girlfriend is a misandrist, your life is going to be a living hell.

Here is the thing about misandrists, society doesn’t really tag women as men-haters. Most times, a misandrist is labeled as a feisty girl who doesn’t take nonsense from men.

However, there is a clear line between strong female personalities and ladies who have a psychological hatred for men. To know if your girlfriend is a misandrist though, she must exhibit most of the traits below

Every man is fair game to her charms

your girlfriend is a misandrist

A misandrist doesn’t care who or what a man is. She would flirt with just about anybody. She has just one rule, all men are fair game.

So it is common to see her dating two friends at the same time or even siblings. The simple truth is, she doesn’t care whose feelings are hurt. Because she is who she is, it gives her a lot of joy to see men behave foolishly because of her charms.

Of course, it is all fair game to her to have casual affairs or flings with other men right under your nose. She would justify that behaviour with some flimsy excuse and dare you to do something about it.

She makes and breaks promises at will

your girlfriend is a misandrist

Are you dating a girl who makes and breaks promises on a whim? Is she the type who would find a way to angrily blame you if she breaks a promise? Is she a girl who would regularly call you a bully if you try to hold her to her promise?

If the answer to all those questions is yes, then it is likely your girlfriend is a misandrist. Though, out of love and perhaps thoughts of a better future together, you would most likely ignore this attitude.

Clear bias against men

your girlfriend is a misandrist

This is most seen female bosses who happen to be a misandrist. Being the boss would give them the opportunity to treat men the way their heart desires without consequences.

A typical way is to assign hard tasks to men while women get the easy ones. But at the same time, she would reserve praise for the females under her. Promotions to her are all about ‘ladies first.’

Some ignorant people would try to explain that attitude as women empowerment. But if man does the same thing, he might be labeled with derogatory names.

Outside the office setting, you can spot a misandrist by the way she assigns tasks and reserves the best commendation for the ladies.

She is hard to please

your girlfriend is a misandrist

Ladies that are hard to please are normally dismissed with the tag of ‘bitch.’ Here is the thing though, if your girlfriend is a misandrist, her ‘hard-to-please mode is a constant part of her personality.

She’d go out of her way to make you jump through difficult hoops to please her. Even then, she would never be satisfied. She’d demands more efforts from the man to prove his virility.

However, no matter how hard the man tries, she just raises the bar and changes the rules. For the man, it is a constant battle to get her approval.

She is the in charge in the bedroom

your girlfriend is a misandrist

When it comes to intimacy, a misandrist demands total control. She sets the condition, the time, the place and duration.

The man has to wait for her to make the first move. And he knows time up is when she decides she’s had enough.

Men dating misandrist would quickly raise up their hands and agree to this. After all, emasculation by ladies is one of the greatest fear of men.

She regularly ghost on you

your girlfriend is a misandrist

Your misandrist girlfriend would not think twice before disappearing on you. All the normal rules of taking a break from a relationship do not apply to her.

She makes the decision to ghost on you without any input from you. You are lucky if you get a call a few weeks later telling you what is going on.

And of course, by the time she reappears, she’d expect to be received like royalty and given all the best treats you can afford.

As the guy in her life, you know better than to ask her what happened or where she disappeared to. She might or might not tell you. You just have to be grateful for the privilege of having her with you again.

So, those are the traits you would see if your girlfriend is a misandrist. Most guys dating regular girls can never imagine any man putting up with a girl like that.

Actually, just as there are many misandrists, there are also many dudes who think nothing of dating girls like that. Perhaps because they think the world of the girl or it is just simply a low self-esteem problem.

So if your girlfriend is a misandrist (it’s understandable if you find it hard to accept that) or if you know someone dating a girl with those traits, kindly tell us your feelings about it.

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