8 Signs That Prove Your Girlfriend Is A Drama Queen

Drama queens are some of the worse ladies to date. I seriously pity the man who ends up with a drama queen for a girlfriend. How would you know your girlfriend is a drama queen?

your girlfriend is a drama queen

Before we get into that, the definition of drama queen also applies to men who have a knack for making their partner’s miserable. So some of these signs of a drama queen girlfriend can also apply to drama queen boyfriend.

The underlying psychology of all drama queens is a pathological self-centered behavior that needs the world to revolve around them. Basically, everything must be about them and they let it known loudly without a thought about how they make others feel.

So what are the signs that would categorically tell you your girlfriend is a drama queen?

She craves being the center of attention

your girlfriend is a drama queen

This particular trait of a drama queen encapsulates all the other signs that your girlfriend is a drama queen.

Drama queens don’t actually care about anything. What is important is that whatever happens reflects on them. The hunger for the spotlight is so insane you might wonder how they manage to spare a few hours to go to sleep.

So don’t be surprised if the girl you are dating contrived to start a scene while admiring herself in the mirror. After all, your girlfriend is a drama queen. That is what they do best.

She likes creating storms in a tea cup

your girlfriend is a drama queen

If your girlfriend needs only a tiny excuse to create a big storm, then she is a drama queen.

Drama queens don’t do quiet and peaceful solitude. They constantly manipulate any situation to stir things up. Sometimes it is deliberate. Other times, they do it because it is in their DNA.

They are not beyond gossip and rumor mongering of the vicious kinds just to cause trouble.

Your girlfriend is a drama queen if she is a control freak

your girlfriend is a drama queen

One weapon in the arsenal of drama queens is their eloquent tongues. They are always rattling away non-stop about this or that.

And because of that, they feel compelled to make things meet up to their own spurious standards.

At first it may look as if they are aiming for perfection. After a while, you get to understand that all they want is to control every aspect of anything connected to them.

They are the ultimate micro managers with an obsession over tiny details that sometimes don’t even exist.

The grass is always greener on the other side

your girlfriend is a drama queen

Drama queens spend a lot of time comparing their lives to others. For that reason, nothing is good enough for them except it is exclusive and is the best.

And sometimes, even exclusivity is not enough to stop them bitching about how they measure up relative to others.

A drama queen would drive your insane with a constant stream of how every bit of her life stacks up against families, friends, colleagues, and the neighbors.

She is never misses a chance to criticize everybody and everything

your girlfriend is a drama queen

Your drama queen girlfriend needs just a sniff to launch into a long criticism of things around her.

Criticism to them is all about the need to control things and look better than everybody else. Criticisms give them a sort of power.

Only a man with a strong personality can withstand the barrage of negative talk from a drama queen. Most men just snap and end up react violently just to get her to stop.

Ironically, violence towards her is a neat way of making herself the center of attraction.

She never apologizes

your girlfriend is a drama queen

One aspect of a drama queen’s personality is the inability to accept responsibility for their actions. They never think of the consequences or don’t care about them.

So, if you find yourself always the peacemaker in the relationship even if she is at fault, then your girlfriend is a drama queen.

Drama queens would rather do something silly to shift everybody’s focus for the wrong she did than actually apologize. Committing a bigger infringement is an option just to avoid owning up and saying sorry.

Her life is laid bare on social media

your girlfriend is a drama queen

One way to know if your girlfriend is a drama queen is observing what drama queens do on social media.

They post everything about themselves on social media. What they post doesn’t have to make sense as long as her friends read them.

Don’t be surprised if people you hardly know have an inside knowledge about your relationship. Things you’d rather keep private.

Sometimes, you get the feeling she wants to be her own reality TV star with her friends as a cheering and awed audience

You suffer the brunt of her bad day

your girlfriend is a drama queen

Drama queens always leave normal guys bewildered. If she gets a hard time at the office or wherever she went to, you would definitely get the wrong end of her mood when you guys meet up.

Sometimes, a bad mood would set in just because you were not around to hear her complain about something. It doesn’t matter if you have a legitimate reason for been absent. She lashes into you just for the heck of it.

Basically, she is saying you don’t have a right to be in a better mood than her.

So, are you dating a girl who exhibits all or some of the above traits? Share your thoughts with us if the answer is yes. And do tell us how you are coping with it in the comments section.

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