7 Reasons You Should Not Be Afraid Of Dating A Feminist

Feminists are not everybody’s cup of tea. They divide opinions so decisively even some ladies don’t like them. So the idea of dating a feminist is something a fair number of guys would not even consider.

dating a feminist

But how come Feminists have such a bad rep? Does it say more about the society we live in than about the ladies? Because one common thread running through all the opposition against them is the need to preserve cherished values and traditions.

In this camp of cherished traditions are religious extremists. And you’d be surprised that even some liberals think the feminist viewpoint is taking liberalism a bit too far.

On the other side of the divide are people, both men and women, who swear that dating a feminist is an experience worth having. I have been friends with some and I must confess they are refreshing to hang out with.

One thing I can confidently say about them is they never hide. They tell it the way they see it. Breaking barriers or glass ceilings is what they do for fun.

Anyway, giving the overwhelming lack of support for feminism, is it a prudent move to get involved with one? How would dating a feminist impact or affect your life either positively or negatively?

Read on the see the positive side of dating a full blown, out-of-the-closet feminist.

1. They don’t care who is in charge

dating a feminist

Supposedly, feminists’ perspectives are so broad they don’t mind who takes the lead role in, for example, the bedroom.

You know how sometimes you might find it awkward to ask your date for an intimate moment? And you are just fumbling for the right words that would get you to the Promised Land?

Feminists don’t have time for such niceties. When they are in the mood, they come out straight and make the first move. They don’t play hard to get, whether in the bedroom or outside.

2. Feminists are a broke-ass guy’s dream

dating a feminist

You are broke, and that is standing between you and an affair with a nice girl you just met. Well, if she is a feminist and has loads of money to spare, you are in luck.

The fact is she is not going to insist the man pays the bills for everything or for every outing. As far as she is concerned, she wants to be with you and shelling out money for minor expenses shouldn’t stand in her way.

Feminists don’t go for all that traditional way of the man always footing the bill. Who foots the bill is a matter of who has it and choice. Period.

3. Gossiping is not their forte

dating a feminist

That is one pleasant thing you’d quickly discover about Feminists. They don’t waste time on mouthing off about petty things.

That is not surprising since their world view is so wide they have so many things to think and talk about. So, if you have an aversion for gossips, dating a feminist would be a blessing for you.

4. They have a keen sense of what is right or wrong

dating a feminist

Feminists invest so much time thinking and fighting against all the injustices and double standards in the world. This has honed their ability to recognize and fight all types of injustices.

So hanging out with a feminist would definitely make you a better person. That is, if you are not averse to learning something from her.

Your time with her would teach you how to stand up for the less privileged. And of course how to empathize with what they go through every day.

5. You would be what you want to be

dating a feminist

Because they are against all traditional ways of life, a feminist would support you in whatever you choose to be. Especially if society says you shouldn’t pursue a particular dream for one reason or the other.

And she expects you to do the same to her. For instance, if she wants to be a mechanic, you better not tell her it is not a lady’s job. And if you have an opportunity to be a professional babysitter, she won’t stop you if the pay is good and you can stand the pressure.

6. Cerebral conversations

dating a feminist

All the feminist I have come across seem to have one thing in common: they have an opinion about every topic under the sun.

I guess that come with the territory. When you spend most of your time educating yourself about the ills of the world and what you can do about them, it is likely you would know many things in the process.

So if you are the type who loves intelligent conversation with a date, you would get that a lot with a feminist. However, if you can’t stand the heat, her intelligence would seriously embarrass you.

7. She won’t spend too much on personal grooming

dating a feminist

Most Feminists don’t give a fig about the ways and means ladies have to groom themselves to look good for men.

The time and money ladies spend on personal grooming can be frustrating to guys. Though I have to admit we men tend to love the end product.

However, you would be relieved of that bother when you are dating a feminist. Feminist invest the barest minimum of time or money on personal grooming. They are very comfortable with how they look.

With them, you won’t spend frustrating hours in your car waiting for your date to come out of the house. Chances are, she would be the one waiting for you to stop wasting time.

So having read all that can you honestly say dating a feminist won’t be an awesome idea? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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