How to Get Her in the Mood

How to Get Her in the Mood

When you are with a new woman, getting her into the mood can be a bit of a mystery. Timing is important but it’s not everything. With a little preparation, you can get her feeling romantic any day.

How to Get Her in the MoodCreate the Right Atmosphere

The most important thing is to make her comfortable and relaxed. Just because you had a great date doesn’t mean that you can just walk into the bedroom and she will automatically be in the mood. Plan ahead a little bit. Turn off the overhead florescent light and get some mood lighting going. If candles feel a little contrived, at least go for soft lamp lighting. [Read; How to use romantic text messages to turn woman on]

If you are planning to invite her over to your place, make it look good as possible. It should be clean. It needs to smell good or at least neutral. If she hasn’t spent much time there, your number one goal should be to make her comfortable.

Let Her Know How Hot She Is

You probably think that she already knows that you think she is attractive but remind her. Compliment her and be specific. Tell her how soft her skin is. Compliment her smile. You shouldn’t just tell her she is hot, tell her why you like her and what you find attractive about her. You don’t need a long list but make her feel confident. Keep your compliments well-rounded. Say something positive about her looks and her personality. Tell her that she is amazing at something. [Read; Wooing woman with first sight attraction]

Create a physical connection before you try to get anything started. Give her a back rub or a foot massage. Let things naturally progress. If you are sitting on the other side of the couch then you jump on top of her, she isn’t going to be as receptive.

Spend Some Time

Tell her the night before that you are looking forward to seeing her. Build up some anticipation. If she has had a long day at work, create a relaxing night for her. Cook her dinner. Mix up her favorite drinks. Remember though, if you go this route, you should keep it light. Don’t give her a heavy meal with four drinks then expect anything to happen. You are more likely to put her to sleep. [Read; Best ways to keep conversation going with woman]

In general, women want to feel some amount of intimacy before they get in the mood. Do whatever you can to make her feel special. Pay attention to her. Spend a little bit of time bonding. Of course, you can just get her drunk and sometimes that is enough. If you are looking to consistently get the same woman interested though, you need to put in a bit more work than that.

Look Good

For any of this to work, she needs to be attracted to you. You might occasionally get her interested when you are sweaty and fresh from the gym but don’t expect that to always work. Spend some time getting ready. Take a shower and wear something nice. Get a fresh shave so you aren’t scraping her face off when you move in for a kiss. Wear some cologne that she likes.

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