11 Startling But Common Headache Triggers In Your Life

If you have to make a list of things that put a damper on your day, headaches should be up there with the worse. If people knew the startling but common headache triggers, it would be easier to prevent them most of the time.

startling but common headache triggers

On the other hand though, even knowing these startling but common headache triggers is not a guarantee that one can do something about them.

However, knowledge about the causes of headaches can go a long way in stopping you from taking rash actions at the onset of headaches. Or rushing to the hospital anytime your head is contributing to a bad day.

So what are the startling but common headache triggers? Read further to discover them. I assure you, you would find most of these triggers surprising and at the same time so common you took them for granted.

Startling but common headache triggers

1. Other people

startling but common headache triggers

Anyone (or anything for that matter) that contributes to a spike in your stress levels would certainly make you vulnerable to headaches.

Most implicated in this category are annoying bosses, some teachers, in-laws, annoying kids…. take your pick.

The headache triggers are different for everybody. It is one of the reasons some people avoid meeting certain people. It simply that they want to avoid the stress and inevitable headache

2. The Weather

startling but common headache triggers

As far as the weather is concerned, any change can be a trigger for headache. For instance a slight but sudden change in temperature or pressure can lead to headache in many people.

Many of us though are susceptible to headaches on a sunny day when the temperature is too high.

3. Certain smells in the air

startling but common headache triggers

Some perfumes can cause headaches in us. In which case, preventing it is just a matter of never using that perfume or if possible, avoid being near people who use them.

Other startling but common headache triggers include smells from certain flowers, some paints and smell of certain chemicals.

4. Hair styles and accessories

startling but common headache triggers

Many women are familiar with this headache trigger. It is known that after braiding, many women complain about headaches because the strain the braids exert on the head is too excessive.

Sometimes, hair relaxers are the simple cause of headaches in ladies. This could be as a result of injuries caused to the scalp.

Headbands, tight hats, tight head ties, tight ponytails can also lead to headaches in ladies.

5. Strenuous activities

startling but common headache triggers

Exercises, though good most of the time, have the unintended consequence of causing headaches in some people. This is sad really as it stops them from really benefiting fully from exercises.

Strenuous activities like the work we put in while preparing for a big event like a wedding can trigger headache in many people.

And surprisingly, sex too is known to cause health problems such as headaches in certain people.

6. Bad sitting posture

startling but common headache triggers

How you sit can be a direct cause of your headache. This is especially common to people who spent a lot time sitting at their desk while working.

Bad sitting habits such as hunched shoulders and not sitting up straight can trigger a headache. Therefore, an investment in good chairs would be nice.

7. Certain foods and drinks

startling but common headache triggers

Headaches can be caused by some foods we love eating.

For instance, the tyramine present in our beloved cheese is known to trigger severe headaches in some people. Tyramine is also present in red wine and therefore causes headaches in some people too.

Other foods that can trigger headaches include cold cuts and many processed foods. Eliminating them from your diet, though painful, is a good way to rid sudden headaches and other problems from your life.

As far as drinks are concerned, look no further than beers and wines. The alcohol content in them is known to cause headaches in people.

8. Hunger

startling but common headache triggers

While eating some food drinks can trigger headache, on the other side of the coin is the fact that not eating is one of the most startling but common headache triggers.

Prevention of this sort of headache is simply by making sure one never skips meals and eats at regular times every day.

Except of course if you have to diet for medical or weight loss reasons, there is absolutely no reason to skip meals.

9. Smoking

startling but common headache triggers

Smoking and smokers are so common and is a surprising cause of headache.

For those doing the actual smoking, quitting smoking has lots of benefits, the least of which is the elimination of the headache smoking sometimes induces.

People exposed to secondhand smoke from cigarettes are also susceptible to headaches as a result of the nicotine in exhaled smoke. Staying away from smokers is the simple remedy for them.

10. Coffee

startling but common headache triggers

If like me, you love your coffee, then you better be careful not to take too much in any given day.

In moderation, coffee has many benefits, but too much can have adverse health effects including constant headaches

Quitting coffee is the best form of prevention here. But if your body is already addicted, one of the withdrawal symptoms of quitting coffee includes headaches.

So quitting must be gradual to avoid headaches.

11. Lack of good sleep

startling but common headache triggers

Yes, if you find yourself regularly waking up in the morning with headaches, the reason could be just the fact you don’t sleep enough or well.

Studies show that people who get more than six hours of sleep at night get less frequent headaches than those with less sleeping hours per night.

So invest in a good mattress and sheets, and time yourself to get enough sleep every day.

There are many other startling but common headache triggers out there. It is important to find your own triggers so you can take measures to prevent them.

A simple way to find your trigger is to take note of when and where the headache started and the time it stopped. Knowing the activities prior to and after the headache would be of immense help in pin pointing your own personal triggers.

Then you can easily take steps to stop or avoid those things that cause your headaches.

Please, kindly tell us what your own triggers are and how you isolated and solved the problem.

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