Avoid These Food that will kill your sex Drive

Avoid These Food that will kill your sex Drive

Because there are foods that boost your bedroom mojo, there are also foods that will kill your sexual desire. Most aphrodisiac containing food (e.g Avocados, banana, almond, etc) help to increase your drive but food that contain anaphrodisiac does the opposite. According to Wikipedia that define anaphrodisiac or antiaphrodisiac as something that quells or blunts the libido. It is the opposite of an aphrodisiac, something that enhances sexual appetite.

Avoid These Food that will kill your sex DriveIf you really have a desire for happy marital life, you’ll need to avoid these foods that will kill your sex drive and go for the food that will boost the sexual appetite.

Unnatural sweeteners or artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners contain chemical called Aspartame, the present of which cause hormonal dysfunction for serotonin which control mood and drive. The present of aspartame inhibit serotonin function and your mood and libido suffer as a result of its inhibition. Instead of going to artificial sweeteners, why not go for natural sweetener like honey which will assist the serotonin to even function more. Other side effect of aspartame are; headache, irritations, insomnia and anxiety.


As good as cornflake is especially for your breakfast, you dare not try it during bedtime. It is known for the present of anaphrodisiac which quells your sexual appetite. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg that made cornflake is for the purpose of lowering people’s sex drive in his bland diet. So, stay away from cornflake when bedtime is approaching.

Crisps and chips

A pack of chips by your bedside is enough to damage the tissues and cells of your body, along with your libido. These potato chips and crispy snacks are prepared in rancid oils and heated at very high temperatures. This combination of bad fats with high heat can lead to oxidative damage of the tissues and cells of your bodies, interfering with sex hormone regulation and genuinely interfere with your mood for love.


Taking a cup of coffee in the morning gives you energy and the aroma makes you feel good, however, taking too much of coffee has a detrimental effect on your hormonal imbalance thereby causing you some stresses. When you’re stress, there is no way you can be in the sexual mood, in other to reverse it, it is advisable to cut down the amount of coffee in your diet to help you improve on your sex life and make you a better performance.

Others foods that adversely affect your mood and drive include; Canned Food, Aerated Drink, Cheese, Soy, Alcohol, and mint.

So, if you are in the mood to get cosy or in bedroom mojo with your partner then it is advisable for you to do away with all of these anaphrodisiacs foods to help you be a better performance before your partner.

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