Best Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape Woman

Best Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape Woman

So you’re having oval face shape, congratulation! You know why? Oval face shape has been described as the best face shape because you can carry nearly all type of hairstyle. That is one advantage of oval face shape over other face shapes. Sure, almighty oval is often more versatile when it comes to haircuts plus styles

Best Hairstyles for Oval Face ShapeHowever, you should not just go for any how hairstyle because you have oval face shape; there are still some areas you need to look into before deciding on best hairstyle for your oval face shape.

With oval face shape, going for haircut will require you to think of some certain features. A good hairstylist will always tell that face shape is not the only important thing.

If you want to look great with haircut, you should consider the following important features; Do you have a prominent nose? Do you have a weak chin? Do you have a long neck? Do you have wide set eyes? Do you have a short forehead? Do you have a large forehead? Do your ears stick out? Do you have a crazy cowlick? Do you have big/small eyes?

  Let me stop here because I can keep on telling you some of these features to be considered but that’s not the sole reason for this post. Just ensure you haircut is flattering enough for what you’re really looking for.

Let see what the best hairstyles for oval face shape are

As I said earlier, almost any look can be the best for oval face shape; short or long, wavy or straight, even one of the funkier edgier hairstyles will make you look great. Finding the best and most flattering style, you need to consider the earlier mentioned features in quote above.

So, if you have gorgeous bone structure, consider an angular bob that shows off your chin. Great eyes? Blunt or side-swept bangs are a great bet. Styles that are flattering and stylish for your face shape are sophisticated bobs, bangs, long, beachy waves

Hairstyles that oval face individual shouldn’t go for;

Don’t go for short layers that add height to your face, already you have a longer face than the wideness of your face in ratio 11/2 : 1. Short layers can also make your face appear to be longer. If you have a thick or curly hair, try as much as possible to avoid blunt cut. You’ll look like a pyramid. If you have curly hair, short hair is generally a no go area. Go for shoulder-length or longer to weigh down curls.

Some celebrity that shares oval face shape with you include; Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Jada Pinkett Smith

Perhaps you will want to compliment your beauty and style with eyeglass, check out this post on how to determine which eyeglass is best for oval face shape.

Share your experience with us on what hairstyle you’ve had on your oval face shape that looks great. We will love to hear from your experiences.

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  1. I’m glad you listed bangs in your tips. I went with bangs this summer. I thought it looked awkward at first, but learned to fall in love with the look.

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