Your Weight Loss Goal: How it works

There are a lot of hype out there about what works for weight loss goal and what does not work. In reality, there are few basic things which help you to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. The tips we provide below have been proved by researchers who studied about weight loss for decades.

How to lose and maintain your body weight

weight loss goal
weight loss goal

Dieting and exercising 

The information out there has it that minor exercise like moving up the stairs instead of going with a lift will help us lose weight. The reality is that your rate of calorie loss determines the amount of weight you will lose.

A medical director at the Washington University’s medical school, Samuel Klein said this about how it works-Reducing your calorie intake by watching what you eat helps you to lose more weight and retain it than doing a couple of exercises. Of course, exercise helps but focusing on exercise alone would have negative effects.

Of course, exercise helps but focusing on exercise alone would have negative effects.

This is so because exercise makes us feel hungrier in the end and unless you learn to watch what you eat, you’d never be able to quickly attain your weight loss goal. By all means, engage in exercise but before that, work on your day to day calorific intake. By so doing you’d be able to lose weight and maintain it.

Also, David Allison, PhD, thinks that why exercise alone doesn’t work without dieting is as a result of the body’s adaptive system that works in a similar way to the actions and reactions’ theory of Physics.

The two must complement each other and unless your weight loss activities involve both exercise and dieting together, you may achieve nothing. Concentrating on exercise alone makes your body to compensate for it.

Exercise can help to repair a broken metabolism,

Although exercise is not very effective at weight loss goal than cutting down on your calorie intake, it does help you to mend your broken metabolism.

James Hill of the Colorado University stated that the medial team had previously doubted individuals who visited the Hospital thinking that they had a broken metabolism. But it has been proven scientifically recently that people can actual break down their metabolism.

This is where exercising is very beneficial in your weight loss goal. It helps you to repair a broken metabolism.

A study conducted on bed rest patients shows that when a person is inactive for a few days, it stiffens the metabolism and makes it inflexible and difficult to be returned to its original state. A few scientific proofs show that the only way to get back to normal is by engaging in daily exercise.

For this reason, exercise is essential during the maintenance stage. This stage is much more tasking than the weight loss stage.  To maintain a lost weight the importance of exercising is very crucial. You are more likely to gain more weight when you are not active.

This is so because you’d be able to lose some weight during  your weight loss goal exercise and even when you are not too rigid with your calorific intake the calorie you burn out during the exercise could make up for the extra calories you take and still keep you within limit.

You would need to go extra miles

Although exercising can help you to mend a broken metabolism, you may have to really work very hard much more than other people. The sad reality is that although exercise helps, it may not be able to get you to your original body mass before you gained weight.

What this means is if you are overweight and have succeeded in losing some weight through exercise or other means, you may have to work much harder than a “normal” person to maintain your new weight.

When you are overweight or inactive for sometimes, it would take you a bit more exercise to be able to retain your normal weight. Although this may not be a good news for you but it is better to come to terms with this ugly reality so that you don’t get discouraged when you eventually discover that you have to put a bit more effort to be able to maintain your weight after a period of inactivity or after losing some weight.

It helps a lot to know how it works because it keeps you adequately motivated.

Forget the hype about magical weight loss food combination 

When you want to embark on a weight lose program, you’d desire a magical food combination that would help you to reach that goal fast. But in reality, no such diet exists. Any type of diet can make you gain extra weight if you did not watch it whether it is low-fat diet, low-carb diet, low glycemic diet or even a diet mostly made of vegetables.

Whether a calorie comes from junk food or from a better quality food source, it is a calorie 

Both for your body’s energy balance and weight loss goal, the number of calories you eat is what matters and not where it comes from although for the sake of your health, calories from vegetables are better than that gotten from junk foods.

Weight loss goal and Working on the intellect

Medical professionals think that our mindset is actually what makes us gain weight excessively and once we can work on it, every other thing will fall into shape. Yes, this is true of your weight loss goal! Weight gain is the result of bad decision and weight loss is the result of right decision we take.

In conclusion, for your weight loss plan, this is how it works: minimize your calorie intake, eat healthier, engage in physical exercises and remember for it to be successful you must have to make it a lifestyle. There is no short cut to weight loss. The foundation of weight loss is to engage in physical exercise and eat fewer calories.

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