Cheese Wedding Cake Trending

Cheese Wedding Cakes Trending

Fruit decorated wedding cakes has been in existence spanning numbers of years now, but there is latest trend now with cheese wedding cake decoration. Cheese wedding cake has always takes the back seat before now but with the current trends, it can subdue the power of the fruits decorated wedding cakes over the year.  The suppliers are now reporting a trend for a different kind of wedding cake, made entirely out of cheese.

You too can make the difference by ordering for cheese wedding cake instead of going for the traditional fruit wedding cakes. There are locally and delicious imported cheeses that you can order for and make your cake stand out. Let it be the envy eyes of the entire people that see what you’re putting before them. One great thing about cheese wedding cake is that you can order for the decoration with beautiful fruits and flower, it will surely be part of the day you will live to remember, it’s a savoury delights.

A few enlightened individuals first enjoyed a cheese wedding cake way back in 2004 and the trend really started to take hold in 2006 – now there are over two dozen British companies creating cheese wedding cakes for couples up and down the country.

There are various reasons why cheese wedding cakes should be consider, some of which are; it’s uniqueness, cost effectiveness, beautiful with colour combination, making different with style and so many of them.

Here are the top 9 tips to help you on choosing the perfect cheese wedding cakes according to British cheese

  1. Allowing 100g of cheese per person will give you more than enough cheese for your guests and if you are incorporating your cheese wedding cake into a buffet or sit down meal you could halve that quantity.
  2. Go on taste primarily, if a cake is to be a real stunner it will be the sensory experience of taste that will wow guests and using British or other imported cheeses is the best way to get all the flavours you need.
  3. A cheese wedding cake should provide a balanced cheeseboard. Put it together with your guests in mind not just your personal favorites.
  4. Avoid particularly strong smelling cheeses, especially in summer. If a strong cheese is a must check your venue is sufficiently air conditioned.
  5. Look at all your options – you could have a traditional cake in the daytime and a cheese cake in the evening or you could put a mini cheese wedding cake on each table saving the costs of floral centerpieces on top of everything else.
  6. Stick to decorating the cake with fruit or edible flowers, ivy is not a good idea and bulbs such as tulips should have the stems wrapped before use.
  7. A good supplier should make choosing a cake an enjoyable experience, be able to offer lots of reliable advice and give you the opportunity to sample the cheeses you will have on the day.
  8. Always try to look at the sizes of the cheese you want to use and make sure that the cheese is evenly graduated. It simply doesn’t look as good if the cheese sizes are too similar or too far apart.
  9. Think about the colour combinations of the cheese you use, and you can easily make your cheese wedding cake fit with theme of the rest of your day.

Below are picture of some cheese weeding cake for you to behold it’s beauty.cheese wedding cake

cheese wedding cakes cheese wedding cakes cheese wedding cakes1 Cheese wedding cakes3

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