7 Foods To Help You Easily Flush Nicotine From The Body

It is possible you don’t smoke and so to flush nicotine from the body is not applicable to you. I got news for you, there is something known as second hand smoke. Let me break it down: you remember all those wonderful outings you took your girlfriend to? All those bars and restaurants where smoking was allowed? Good.

flush nicotine from the body

I guess you were proud of the fact you told her you don’t smoke. And she had that glint in her eyes that promised you joy unlimited as she wondered what other awesome qualities you had.

If you are guys are still a couple, I am glad because she also needs to know how to flush nicotine from the body. Fact is, the cigarette smoke you both inhaled in those rooms contains as much harmful smoke as if you are also a smoker. That is what is called second hand smoking.

Fortunately, you can flush the nicotine from the body just by eating these foods listed below. And the good thing is, all of them are natural healthy food that won’t cause more harm to your body.

Flush Nicotine from the Body with these Foods


flush nicotine from the body

Whether you got nicotine in your body from second hand smoke or through actually smoking, eating ginger can help you flush nicotine from the body.

For ginger to work 100%, you should consume the ginger raw. Other benefits you can get include reduction of toxins in your blood and is a good food in aiding weight loss.


flush nicotine from the body

One of the side effects of inhaling all that nicotine is that it decreases the oxygen levels in blood and at the same time elevates your heartbeat. And one effect of elevated heart rate is high blood pressure with its consequences on your health.

If you love pomegranates, good for you. This is the time to intensify the love affair as it is effective in reversing all the symptoms listed above. Basically, they help the body produce more red blood cells and have positive impact on blood circulation.


flush nicotine from the body

Look no further than the high concentration of citric acid and vitamin C in lemons for all the good it does to us. It is the same two chemicals that are also responsible for reversing the harmful effects of nicotine

Nicotine damages skin cells and pores. So to repair the damage naturally, lemon is one of your best options. Lemon all has the added benefit of bolstering the body’s immunity.


flush nicotine from the body

Yes, the common orange that is easily available and cheap can also be used to flush nicotine out of the body.

Like lemons, it is the abundance of vitamin C and citric acid that does the trick. Besides, if one is already addicted to nicotine, oranges help reduce the symptoms (anxiety and stress) of nicotine deprivation.

People trying to stop smoking would understand how nicotine deprivation is a bad experience to go through.


flush nicotine from the body

The good thing about broccoli is that apart from helping to reduce the damage done by nicotine, it also prevents nicotine from causing some damages to the body.

Broccoli contains the NRF2 gene that is important in protecting the lung cells from attack from substances like nicotine. It is common knowledge that destroying the lungs is what nicotine does best.

To help flush nicotine from the body, the abundant vitamins B, C and B5 in broccoli do the work in so many ways.


flush nicotine from the body

Inhaling cigarette smoke daily has a nasty way of reducing the body’s vitamins A and C. Some effects of these include damage to the nerve cells, impaired circulation and decreased brain performance.

With its abundance of Vitamins A, C and K, carrots is very effective in combating the negative impact of nicotine.


flush nicotine from the body

I saved the best for last. At least from my point of view, spinach is the best of the lot. Spinach is easily available, cheap and easy to use in different kinds of meals. Who doesn’t love spinach?

One of the effects of having nicotine in the body is that it interrupts your normal sleeping pattern. The high level of folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, found in spinach is known to work wonders against sleeping dysfunction.

One thing common among all these foods is the fact they contain important minerals and vitamins that aid the body in many ways. So if you are a smoker; or you are trying to quit smoking; or just a regular dude whose lifestyle ensures you come in contact with a lot of smokers, you’d do well to start eating these foods.

That is another way of saying throw out all those processed foods from your fridge and start eating healthy natural foods.

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