Creative Ways To Propose To Your Lady

It’s sad to say we live in a world where good old fashion values are getting thrown out of the window each day. Take the case of how you propose to your lady for instance.

propose to your lady

These days, we seem determined to prove that the old ways of doing things have no place in our lives anymore. Basically it’s all about, ‘Out with the old, and in with the new.’

A typical case of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Perhaps I am just over-reactive. After all, I only planned to talk about a simple thing like how to propose to your lady in a different way. You know, proposing in a manner that would convey to her that you can go the extra mile to show how much you care about her.

I am of the opinion though that by the time you decide to pop the, ‘Will you marry me?’ question, you’d had proved in so many ways you cared right?

I mean, I really don’t see why you’d ask a girl that question if you weren’t sure the answer would be ‘yes!‘. I know I’d never ask a girl that question without been at least 90% sure she’d agree.

Basically, asking her with an expensive ring is just a formality.

And that is what I intend to rant about today. The many creative ways dudes are coming up to propose to their ladies.

Normal, old fashion way to propose to your lady

This isn’t an argument of old vs new though. Culture is a dynamic thing. But still, for an introvert like me, I still wouldn’t mind the way folks proposed to ladies back in the day.

propose to your lady

For instance, one traditional way to propose to your lady is to ask her nicely when you are both having dinner in a restaurant.

You take out the box with the ring in it, then offer it to her and ask in your softest voice if she would have you as her husband?

You can even do that at home or at a lonely quiet park where only you two are present.

The main thing if you want to propose to your lady the old fashion way is that you make the affair very private, solemn and serious. Just like the way Catholics confess their sins to a priest. Just two people involved.

I need somebody to tell me what is wrong with doing it that way?

New creative ways to propose to your lady

I guess in an age of expensive digital gadgets that have shrunk the world into a hi-tech village, dumping the old and bring in new ways should be expected.

Some of the fun ways to propose to girls are downright bizarre. It seems the creativity of proposing is hampered only by our limited imagination.

Let’s look at some of the creative ways to propose to your lady.

In a stadium

propose to your lady

So you managed to drag her to a very boring game you knew she doesn’t like. However, you intend to make it an outing she’d never forget.

There are several ways this can finally go down:

You get the stadium announcer, during the interval, to shush the crowd up because there  is an important announcement to be made. So while everybody is paying attention, the proposal would blare out of loudspeakers, you know, about you asking your girlfriend to marry you?

Of course, the whole stadium would cheer her on as she shyly but happily say ‘yes‘ to you. Naturally, you’d earlier removed the box container the ring with a flourish.

Then you slid it on her finger while you are on your knees.

This stadium thing has many variations:

1. You can hire a banner to be strung across the stadium with the magic words

2. Get the officials to give you the mic, and make the announcement yourself at the center of the pitch and so on.

At the work place

propose to your lady

This method of proposing to your girlfriend is also gaining a lot of traction.

So while her colleagues are pretending to be hard at work earning a living, you come into her office and propose to her.

It’d be better if her place of work is an open office where there would be a fair number of people to cheer her on as she accepts your ring.

You are sure to see the whole thing posted on Facebook or any social media almost immediately.

A variation of this can be in her school in front of her classmates. Naturally, we are assuming here she is a final year student in the University right?

Over the air: Radio or TV

propose to your lady

I once caught a program on radio where a guy asked the on air personality to call his girl. When she picked the call, they played with her for a while and got her very worried before they told her somebody important wanted to tell her something.

Then on came her guy’s voice telling her how she was the greatest thing in his life and all that; after that, he asked the question on air. It was so emotional.

In the church

propose to your lady

If you guys attend the same church or place of worship, collaborating with the pastor is another creative way to propose to your lady.

One way to complete the deal is to get the man of God to invite you two to he front where you do the public thing of going on one knee, presenting the ring to her and asking the question.

In the midst of hundreds of voices screaming, ‘Hallelujah, praise the Lord!’ She’d never say ‘No‘  to you I bet.

You might have noticed that all the ways to propose to your lady above are all about making it very public. I know some people would be squeamish about doing it like that.

On the other hand, I know there are so many other creative ways to propose to our Lady I did not mention. So ladies, guys, if you know of other unusual ways to do it, do tell us in the comments section below.

And remember to share this with you friends on Facebook and Twitter to see what ideas they have. We might just discover something very very unique. You never know.


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