6 Lovely Ideas on how to Propose and Pop the Question “Will you marry me?’’

In relationships, when a guy finally meets the girl of his dreams, he is ecstatic. For him, he has crossed one hurdle in life but another hurdle would be having to pop that question every young lady loves to hear. Yet another hurdle would be how to ask her and the final hurdle would be the eager desire for him to hear her say those three letter words “YES.” When it comes to proposing, it is either some guys are shy about it or do not know how to go about it or some just lack the courage to do it. Well, this article will give you some lovely ideas on what you can do to ask the girl you love that very important question.

The 6 Lovely Ideas on how to propose are:

Summon courage:

Once you have determined in your heart that this is what you want to do then gather the courage to make that bold step. This is one decision nobody can make for you so you need to be prepared in all ways to do this. If you love her, you should be ready to face the world to declare that love.

Make plans:

Aside what you see in the movies, you too can be romantic. Let this proposal be one she would always remember for the rest of her life so make plans towards it. There are lots of things you can do and also lots of nice places you can take her to for the proposal. You know her well so you are in the best position to know what exactly she would like. The most important thing is to make that day special for her.

Having a candle light dinner in an exotic restaurant:

Man surprising woman with engagement ring at restaurant table

You can make your proposal in a very nice restaurant where the atmosphere is serene. Ensure the place is filled with cool music and that preparation for food have been set. One thing some guys do is to put the ring in an ice cream so when she scoops it into her mouth, she feels the ring. It’s a cool idea but also dangerous as it has killed someone before. So why not go traditional by going down on your knees and asking her? She’ll so love you for that.

Proposing to her on the beach:

6 Lovely Ideas on how to Propose and Pop the Question Will you marry me

You can solicit the help of family and friends if you want to propose on the beach. The cool breeze that the ocean brings has already set the tone for the event. You can arrange for some local drummers who’ll sing some love songs and probably when she’s climbing down from a horse, you can pop that question.

Proposing in a karaoke bar:

6 Lovely Ideas on how to Propose and Pop the Question Will you marry me (3)

One thing women love is music so proposing in a karaoke bar or lounge would not be a bad idea. You can either sing along to a love song or let someone do it for you and then propose in the midst of other people. Their cheers would even encourage you.

Proposing in your house:

6 Lovely Ideas on how to Propose and Pop the Question Will you marry me

You can stage a surprise proposal right in your house. Invite her over after making arrangements with some family members or friends. You can start by making a speech first before proposing.

One thing guys must know is that ladies love public display of affection so why not give them what they want so they are happy?

I am so sure these 6 lovely ideas on how to propose and pop the question would put you on the right track to finally making that proposal. Wouldn’t you want to be married sooner than you think?

Are there more ideas you have? Do share with us as we would like to know what you think.

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