Types Of Wedding Ring And Wedding Ring’s Budgeting Tips

Men often find the process of choosing a wedding ring a little daunting. It can be difficult to decide which set is perfect for you as a couple. In most cases, except when the man has gotten a few tips from his fiancee, the task of choosing an engagement ring is entirely up to the man.

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Deciding How Much to Spend on your wedding Ring

One of the first concerns most men have when thinking about proposal and marriage is the potential cost.

In some parts of the world, there is a belief that man has to spend the equivalent of two or three months’ salary on a ring. One reason for placing such a heavy financial burden on this particular courtship ritual is that it serves as an honest signal of a man’s commitment to his prospective wife.

But I don’t believe in that school of thought. I believe it all depends on what type you want, what you can afford, and what your other goals are.

The price will be entirely dictated by what type of metal you choose. Platinum wedding ring is 3 times more expensive than gold, but much stronger. Jewelry does increase in value but it is not a good investment piece compared to, say, property.

If you can, try and establish the amount of money you feel comfortable to spend on your wedding ring. Let your jeweler know your price range so that he or she can show you a variety of rings that fall within that range. Take into account that her engagement ring is something you are going to buy only once (hopefully). But also have in mind that this is not a reflection of the depth or intensity of your love.

Types of wedding Ring

There are many different styles that are common among wedding ring selections; modern, classic, art deco, medieval, Celtic and many more. You might decide to choose a wedding ring set that matches your wedding and your personal taste. Since there are many different styles in the same color of metal (yellow gold, white gold, and platinum) you can find a set or make your own set with the same colors but a slightly different design if your tastes are a little different.

It wasn’t easy when we went looking for perfect wedding rings in those days. Eventually, when we settled on a choice, we got a price cut and it had the triplets. You can never go wrong with such. We went for moderate rings and that falls in-between big and small. Go with your taste however as your taste and that of your fiancée might be different.

Trips to Jewelry shops

It might take several different trips to many different jewelers before you find the perfect rings to add to your life. When you see the ring that is right for you, you will know it.

Here are some examples of wedding rings you are likely to find when you go shopping:

Alternative Metal wedding Rings:

Titanium, Tungsten Carbide, Cobalt Chrome, Ceramic Steel, Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, Damascus steel and Black Zirconium are all the latest in achieving a minimalist progressive wedding band look.

Diamond Wedding Bands

As the saying goes “Diamonds are Forever”. Many brides and grooms choose wedding bands adorned with sparkling fine diamonds.

Handmade Wedding Bands

Many rings are created by modern machinery and never really are touched by the craftsman hands. However, there are some rings hand-created by expert craftsmen.

Two Tone Wedding Rings

Some people like both the white color of gold or platinum and the yellow color of traditional 14kt or 18kt yellow gold.

Eternity Bands

This is usually available in different setting styles and stone offerings and is more luxurious than most other rings.

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