Dinner Party Ideas to Impress Your Date

Dinner Party Ideas to Impress Your Date

You’ve had the coffee date, and the dinner-and-a-movie-date, and the romantic-dinner-that-leads-to-breakfast-date. It’s time for this one to meet your friends. We at Modernize know how your decor and entertaining skills can set the tone for those important first impressions. Never fear, however, there are plenty of quick and easy dinner party ideas that will make you appear cultured and chic—while giving you more time with your sweetie.

Let Your Guest Assemble Their Plates

We all know the stereotype of the harried housewife at the dinner party. So how about saving yourself a little stress and laying out a DIY dinner for your guests that they assemble themselves, like a roll-your-own sushi bar or chic taco spread? The best part about this dinner party idea is that, while it requires some prep work, it can all be done in advance. That way you can save all your energy for your date!

dinner party idea to impress your date
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Use Votive Lights

Romantic lighting can really add to the mood, but you don’t need to bother with fancy candlesticks. Set some tealights in mason jars and place them on the table and around the room for a look that’s both rustic and romantic. And it’s simple and cheap to boot.

dinner party idea to impress your date
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Serve Water in Recycled Wine Bottles

Another way to add a touch of class on a dime is to reuse your old wine bottles to refill water glasses. After you remove the label and clean them off, people will only be thinking about your refinement, even if you know they came from the seven-dollar-special from last week’s girls night.


Add Place Cards

Nothing says “this is a classy joint” like place cards. Dust off the cursive you learned in grade school and put it to good use on some card stock. It’s a quick fix that will make it seem as though you have put in weeks of planning—and ensure that you’ll get to sit next to your honey.

dinner party idea to impress date
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Take Your Ice Game Up a Notch

Bags of ice are not fancy at all. Try freezing fruit like raspberries or blackberries and adding them to drinks instead of ice. They’ll add a beautiful and colorful touch to your guest’s drinks, as well as a sweet and fruity flavor to sparkling water or wine.

We hope this post has helped you get inspired for that crucial dinner party! Here’s to warm meals and hot nights!

Article written by; Erin Vaughan

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