What Does Open Relationship Really Mean? Facebook Users Take Note

What Does Open Relationship Really Mean? Facebook Users Take Note

I have always seen this option as one of the option available when anyone is trying to indicate his or her relationship status especially on Facebook. It’s never bother me as I don’t really think much about what actually it really mean for someone to be in an open relationship. But after coming across what it’s all about, I’m a little bit amazed.

Here’s what an open relationship mean

An open relationship can be simply defines as any kind of relationship that the partners involves is open to have sexual intimacy with people outside his or her partner in the relationship. This also means, you can have emotional connection with your partner’s only but you’re free to have a physical intimacy with third parties.

What Does Open Relationship Really Meanaccording to Wikipedia which put it this way; An open relationship is an interpersonal relationship in which the parties want to be together but agree to a form of a non-monogamous relationship. This means that they agree that a romantic or intimate relationship with another person is accepted, permitted, or tolerated.

But I thought, this could be classified as cheating, then I try to understand this open relationship with further reading and I come to realize that, it’s not cheating provided both partners in the relationship are aware of it.

As I write, I have not still come to agreement with this idea of open relationship. I believe once you’re in a relationship, you’re supposed to keep to that one person with anything that has to do with sexual intimacy.

Of course, we have differences, but I can’t just accept it on my own term but anyone is free to put it into consideration, if they think it’s the best option for them to experience different form of relationship intimacy.

The truth is that, open relationship is not new, it has been recognized since 1970s and people have been dealing with it since then, but it is not prevalent then as compare to what’s happening in this present age.

I get to understand that people are getting bored with one partner and they want to try others out and then still keeping the relationship with their partner. I think if both partners agree to be in an open relationship, they’ve never been in a relationship in the first place. It would be more appropriate for them to call it friendship but not being in relationship.

There’s more to this open relationship of a things; why do people oblige to that idea, what kind of people this idea is prevalent with and has there been any successful open relationship?

All of these will be my next focus in the next article on this blog. I hope you can still be comfortable leaving your relationship status option on your Facebook profile as “Open Relationship” The choice is yours, it’s your life, even if you don’t leave the option as open but you like the idea, then you can just go ahead and change your status right now to Open Relationship.


Here is the concluding part of why you need not go into open relationship, Click Here to Read.

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5 thoughts on “What Does Open Relationship Really Mean? Facebook Users Take Note”

  1. Thanks for your article. The first time i saw this on facebk “open relationship” i didnt term it to what u explained in your article. Now i know what it means. To my own view, anyone engaging in an open relationship is harlot. Such cannot have happy home.

    1. I won’t categorically call anyone that engage in open relationship harlot, in the western world, it is somehow acceptable so far both partner agree to get into open relationship. But as an African man, it’s totally out of place. Thanks for your input Adesam.

  2. What many people thought about Open relationship is that they are yet to get mary nor have any fiance so they are there for any men that have interest in them but if there oriention can be change and the are able to know the true meaning of open relationship I believe many of them will stop using it

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