6 Reasons Why You Are An Introvert, Not A Shy Person

One of the biggest misconception about defining a person’s character is to confuse shy with introvert. Or to put it another way, an introvert is not necessarily a shy person. A shy person could just be shy as a negative personality trait. It is so common confusing the two traits it’s now the accepted norm to use both words interchangeably. Like synonyms. But that is wrong on many levels.


Being shy is not something to be proud of. It can lead to many phobias in life. That is apart from easily getting stressed when faced with a situation that drags them out of their comfort zone. The introvert on the other hand, is basically the quiet type. Not afraid of doing things that are necessary. So, how can a shy person easily be differentiated from an introvert. If you are used to people calling you standoffish, then you are probably an introvert. But being standoffish is not always a good thing and not always a pointer to an introverted personality.

A combinations of the following signs are a sure pointer to spotting an introvert.

The Silent Type


Introverts don’t do well in parties. That is because, instead of running a lively conversation, they’d prefer to just stay at a corner and observe others talking and having fun.

The only time an introvert becomes animated with talking is when the conversation drifts towards something serious that requires great knowledge and insight. Now, who talks serious in a party where the motto is ‘just have fun‘. In that respect, Introverts, tend to be good listeners. Especially in a situation they feel all the bases in a conversation had being covered. Basically, they don’t talk to prove their intelligence or to show how smart they are.

The Phone is Just a Tool For an Introvert

For Introverts, they consign gadgets like a mobile phone to where they truly belong. Just a tool to use when necessary. It is common among them not to pick up calls just because the phone is ringing. It doesn’t matter who is calling. They can’t be bothered to interrupt what they are doing to pick up a call. Others find this attitude really annoying. But it’s nothing personal. That is just the way they are.

Being in a relationship with a misunderstood introvert can lead to problems over phone calls. Or even replying to texts. In this age of instant messaging where you can send sweet love texts instantly, expecting a reply from an introvert can be very frustrating. As a person of few words, they might not reply in kind. But if they do, be sure you’d receive a long thoughtful reply. Nothing frivolous or flirty.

Three is a Crowd

Introverts prefer to hang out in a quiet place where just the two of you are present. Or even in a crowded place, they’d prefer a secluded corner to have a chat.

However, the best place to look for them is never in a place filled with people. That doesn’t mean they are suffering from enochlophobia. Or mean they are anti-social, it just means they find the dynamics and energy of crowds stressful or meaningless. So don’t be surprised they like avoiding even small family get together.

They would make good Detectives

introvertBecause they talk less and listen more, they easily pick out the nuances in conversations. Since they don’t feel obligated to join the small talk, they can spent the whole evening watching people and trying to figure out the things left unsaid. Simply reading between the lines.

And sequestering themselves in a corner of the room makes them good observers of the surrounding. Therefore, creativity comes really easily to them. This is simply the product of using the mind more often than others.

Loved Ones have no Doubt Their Feelings

That is one trait about introverts that only people close to them really relate to. An introvert would only reveal their inner feelings to somebody they really feel deeply about. As the chosen one, you are left in no doubt that you occupy a special place in that person’s life.

You would be well aware of the fact because introverts are hardly flippant.

They Hardly get Bored


This is hard to believe, but the truth is, introverts easily get bored when they find themselves in a crowd. Even if the crowd is made up of only friends and associates.

Alone however, their very active minds and imaginations can take them to any part of the universe and back. They enjoy thinking about any subject under the sun. It doesn’t matter how abstract the idea is, they can easily analyse it deeply. Sometimes, they find that the number of waking hours in a day is too short for them to really think things through.

That is why they tend to make good writers and creative people. It is the product of the time spent living in their heads.

For Introverts, getting people to understand them can be a real pain. Most times they just want to be left alone to do things they love. You can see them in the work place, putting in the hours quietly and effectively. They are the solution finders because they think a lot. However, like in most things in life, not all is rosy being an introvert.

I am sure you know a thing or two about them. Or perhaps you are one too. Let us know about your experiences if you don’t mind.

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