6 Steps To Banish Loneliness In Your Life

In life, feeling lonely is just part of being human. You can never escape from it. It only becomes a problem when loneliness becomes acute. In which case how to banish loneliness in your life is one resource you might need desperately.

banish loneliness in your life

Loneliness can be as a result of several factors. For instance the loss of a loved one or dear friend can induce that feeling. Separation from your spouse or partner is another leading cause of loneliness.

Other factors that can make one lonely can be as simple as losing a job, relocating to a new environment or even just boredom. The point being made is that loneliness has several causes. And it can happen at anytime to all of us.

The trick is never to make an everyday occurrence like loneliness turn into something serious like a depression. That is why knowing how to banish loneliness in your life can be a very handy thing to know.

The following steps are just 6 of the ways you can use to banish loneliness in your life. If you have more tips, please we would love to hear about them in the comments section below.

How to banish loneliness in your life

Be sure you are really lonely and not just alone

banish loneliness in your life

Some people think being alone is one and the same thing with loneliness. That is very incorrect.

Being alone deals mostly with the physical space you occupy at a point in time. It can easily be rectified by moving to a place where other people are present.

Loneliness on the other hand is all about the state of mind at a point in time. For instance, one can be in a room full of people and still be lonely.

Understanding clear difference between the two can help in getting you out of your feeling of loneliness.

So if you are feeling lonely, just make sure that that feeling is not caused by the fact that you are alone at home doing nothing. Take a walk outside and go visit friends or family to see if the feeling still remains.

You might be shocked that the feeling disappears immediately you hook up with people you know.

Focus on the things that make you happy

banish loneliness in your life

Sometimes all it take me to banish loneliness in your life is constantly engage in things that make you happy. The sort of stuff that sets your heartbeat racing or adrenaline rushing through your system.

This requires engaging in activities that you enjoy. At the same time, drop any activity you don’t like or that seems like a chore to you. In the long run, these chores would bring back that feeling of loneliness.

So drop them immediately and only stick with those you feel genuinely interested in.

For instance, you can find new hobbies and engage in community activities that involve helping others. Some common community involvement activities that can make you happy include participating in a community blood drive, tutoring children during and after school, or helping elderly neighbors buy groceries or clean their houses. Whatever activity you like doing, that would really fill you with happiness.

Learn how to be grateful for everything you have

banish loneliness in your life

The attitude of the grass is always greener on the other side is a sure path to being dissatisfied with your lot in life. Invariably, this can cause loneliness and depression.

Therefore, one way to banish loneliness in your life is to be grateful for what you have. Simply count your blessings and never be envious of what others have or don’t have relative to you.

Appreciate every small or big happening that brings positivity to your life. Consider keeping a gratitude journal to remind yourself of all the benefits, gifts, and good things you experience. This way, you can cultivate a habit of feeling thankful every day.

Moreover, try practicing gratitude meditation to help incorporate the feeling of gratefulness in your life. Spend 5 to 10 minutes each day thinking about some wonderful and memorable events that happened to your life.

Let yourself relive that happiness until the feeling of gratitude fills your mind and heart. As a result, you can shift your mindset and condition your brain to perceive life events from a more positive perspective. When you feel thankful, you can help drive loneliness in your life.

Have a clique of friends with shared values

banish loneliness in your life

Studies show that women tend to be happier than men. This is because women are more sociable than men. Have you noticed how easy women join one society or the other where they meet regularly to exchange ideas?

That is one thing people prone to fits of loneliness can learn to do to avoid that condition.

Joining clubs and associations of like-minded people would fill your day with things to do and things to look forward to during the week.

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, you would always find people willing to accept you into their fold.

And if you are too shy, you can join as many groups as you wish online. Your cherished privacy would not be breached in this case and you get to make as many virtual friends as you wish.

There are so  any communities online that would fit any unique personality.

So if video games, books, sports, chess or something else is your thing, there are people out there who would be willing to have you as part of them.

Be involved in Charity work

banish loneliness in your life

Doing charity is one of the best ways to banish loneliness in your life. Somehow, the feeling of helping others does wonders to our psyche.

Though, some might say doing charity for that reason is selfish. But it is a whole lot better than doing nothing. Besides, it is a good kind of selfish in my opinion.

To help you get started, check some charities and foundations you can work with for your charity efforts.

For example, many organizations are working hard to help Iranian people fight for their human rights and basic human dignity to be heard and respected. So, if you want to help them protect their rights and improve the capacity of civil society, consider donating through support partners. The money you donate allows the people in Iran to receive basic necessities, medical care, and educational support.

On the other hand, it’s essential to know that, you don’t need to have tons of money to be involved in charity. Helping others can come in different forms. Just taking food to homeless people or orphanages is enough.

Just give of yourself according to what you can.

Get a pet

banish loneliness in your life

You won’t believe it, but getting a pet can go a long way in banishing loneliness in your life. Having a pet gives you something to care for. Something to nurture and befriend.

It is almost the same with mothers and their new baby. The birth of a new child fills them with so much joy they won’t exchange it with anything.

You can get the same feeling with a pet. I would plump for a cat. Those cute little things are something else. If you don’t like cats, you can go for a puppy instead and see the joy you’d get from taking care of it and watching it play.

So, no matter how long you have being living with loneliness, just know that you have the power in your hands to banish loneliness in your life forever.

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