Ways To Show Your Husband Is Important When Baby Comes

Ways To Show Your Husband Is Important When Baby Comes

It is sometimes difficult to pay attention and care for men when women first had their first child. The exhaustion that follows, after taking care of your baby with lots and lots of chore that associated with caring for the baby especially when the baby is your first.

Ideally, no woman want to ignore the important of her husband but the presence of baby force many to behave in similar way that makes it look as if the husband is being neglected and the baby is being solely look after.

There are ways to show your husband is equally important after baby comes and these ways is what I’m here to discuss with you right now.


Let go…..

Ways To Show Your Husband Is Important When Baby ComesFirst before anything else, it is important to note that, the baby in your family kingdom is just a prince or princess as the case maybe, your husband still remain the King while you’re the Queen of that kingdom. So, don’t make your hubby looks like wallpaper in your home, quietly existing while all your attention goes to the baby.

Spend time gazing into your hubby’s eye

You may not have all the time to give him much attention when baby comes but taking little time to gaze into your husband eyes ignoring anything that can cause you distraction will go a long way in reassuring him of being the crown of your head.

Looking into your hubby’s eyes doesn’t have to be for hours, but the little opportunities you have should be used to gaze into his eyes. Eyes contacts create a wonderful bonding between couples and you can use it to remind him of his place in the kingdom.

Keep alive the bonding hormone called oxytocin

It is a known fact that, when mother breastfeed her baby, a hormone called oxytocin is formed, this hormone enables the stronger bonding between mother and child. The level of your oxytocin increases when you kiss and hug your baby and it makes you to love your baby more, the same hormone is helpful for you and your husband as well, when you kiss, hug and make love with your husband (when the time is ripe enough to do that), your level of oxytocin also goes up and it make you love him more even as you still have to go through stress of taking care of the infant.

His opinion must be counted

It is true that you know more than your husband about how to take care of your baby, but sometimes your hubby may want to say something about how you should look after the baby, don’t just ignore whatever he wants to say, listen to him and show him the respect he deserve in your marriage.

Don’t make him look foolish for offering you a suggestion on how something ought to be done, especially in your new role of child rearing. You should view parenting as a teamwork sport, where you and your hubby will contribute values that help parenting task an easier job.

So, what’s your plan today to make your hubby feel special even if you have more than one baby around?

I’ll love to hear from you, how you intend to do it. Please make use of the comment form below to let me hear your opinion, suggestion or contribution. Don’t also forget to share this article using any of the social networking icons below.

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