How To Be Happy; Top 8 Rules To Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind that we all love to experience, but sometime we denied ourselves from that state of mind usually not intentional but accidentally that is where is we found ourselves. Although we can choose to be happy in all situation, which is a personal decision that individual has to make about his or her life. The purpose of this article is how to be happy and how can you attain that state of the mind that radiate in your face even without you telling someone.

How to be happy

These are the 8 rules to happiness;

Remember I said happiness is a state of mind, so all the eight rules can always give that positive state of mind.

Rule No 1 on how to be happy; NEVER HATE!

Hatred will never give you happiness because each time you see the person you hate; you will surely revert back to that state of unhappiness. Hatred is just opposite of love, if you can’t love someone, like them an if that’s too much for you to do, just leave them and move on, do as if nothing really happened between you and any such person that has done something wrong to you. Don’t hate someone in the image of God likeness but do your best to love at all times.

Rule No 2 on how to be happy; DON’T WORRY!

Worrying about something will pull you back into the negative state of mind and that is being unhappy. Why worry in the first place? If there is a problem that can be solve, you need not to worry about it, only look for the solution and fix it, and if there is a problem that cannot be solved, then why worrying about it, since you are aware of the fact that it cannot be solved. Leave the problem behind and move on with your life, with a positive frame of mind which is the happiness you seek.

Rule No 3 on how to be happy; LIVE SIMPLY!

Trying to live an expensive kind of life or the kind of notorious live will not always keep you in the state of happiness. Simplicity is just the best of everything. Live simple, be at ease with yourself and show love to others then you’re guarantee to be in the positive state of mind which the happiness we are talking about.

Rule No 4 on how to be happy; EXPECT A LITTLE!

If you’re expecting too much from people, you may ended up being disappointed and that will throw you into a mood that set for unhappiness. I understand the popular saying that, to whom much is given, much is expected but you should not be expecting much because not everybody can reciprocate such kind gesture. Just expect little and keep you happiness flowing.

Rule No 5 on how to be happy; GIVE A LOT!

You may be wondering why giving a lot will make you happy, and when you give a lot, you should be expecting little. This is just the way life is, I’m sure you will not be hearing it for the first time that givers don’t lack. When you lack nothing and possesses all you wanted in your life, wouldn’t you be happy? This is the reason why giving a lot will make you happy.

Rule No 6 on how to be happy; ALWAYS SMILE!

I don’t need to say much about this rule; it is a clear one to everyone. Just keep smiling and do it always, smiling will put you into positive frame of mind.

Rule No 7 on how to be happy; STAY IN LOVE!

 You will agree with me here that to love and to be loved will always make you happy and it is that happiness that is radiate in your life in the form of love to people around you. So, stay in love, keep the love, love and be loved, you will be assured of happiness.

Rule No 8 on how to be happy; EAT THE RIGHT FOOD AT THE RIGH TIME!

 Eat all you can, eat the right food for your health and ensure you eat the food at the right time. Don’t eat too late in the night, and make sure you eat breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. You’ll be happy if you can do all these couple with the other seven rules I mentioned above.

That is it; you have the top 8 rule that will set the mood of happiness. Never hate, Don’t worry, Live Simply, Expect little, Give a lot, Always smile, Stay in love, and eat the right food at the right time. If you love what I just shared with you, please hit the like button below and if you have any additional rules that you feel is supposed to be there, kindly comment below, I will appreciate it.

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