Why You Need Extraordinary Relationship Gratitude

The Power of Appreciation or extraordinary relationship gratitude cannot be over emphasized for a true and lasting relationship:

Incorporating extraordinary relationship gratitude and words of appreciation help to cement  your love together. It rekindles and keeps sparking the fire of love just like the effects of sunshine and water to a plant.

Showing a bit more appreciation to your partner is not tasking at all. It works like magic. We all need to be appreciated. By appreciating your partner through extraordinary relationship gratitude, you make him or her more happy and prepared to love you the more.

You can incorporate extraordinary relationship gratitude and  appreciation in your life through the following ways:

Making admirable extraordinary relationship gratitude comments

When you get up every morning, make at least one admiring extraordinary relationship gratitude comment to him or her. Show appreciation to him or her. Tell him or her how beautiful, handsome, elegant or strong he or she is. You can as well thank them for their gift in your life. You can also compliment their outfit and get it straight into their head how attractive they look to you.


Extraordinary relationship gratitude through text when you are out for work

Take time to show that you are thinking of him or her even at work by sending a quick short text of I love, I miss you or I am thinking of you, capped with kiss sign of xxxxxxxx.

Be grateful for whatever contribution your partner makes in your life

Show appreciation and extraordinary relationship gratitude to your partner for contributing either in kind or in cash to the upkeep and well being of the family or relationship together. Be grateful even for the slightest possible things your partner does like caring for your needs, running errands, washing clothes for you, setting up dinner tables and so on.

When you return from work, show extraordinary relationship gratitude

Let your partner know that you are happy to have him or her as your life companion and that your heart still goes after him or her above every other man or woman out there. Let him or her know how special you feel about having him/her in your everyday life. When you do this, you are cultivating  the habit of showing extraordinary relationship gratitude.

Be thankful for a few minor task he/she did during the day

At the close of the day, let your man or your woman know, you appreciate their texts, during the day, or your hug, your smile or even the attention they gave you when you wanted to express your feelings about something.

Be thankful for your partner’s life

Also, do not forget to say thank you to your partner for being alive to still share with you. A day together and a loving hug together could mean a lot. You never know what you have till when you lose it. Widows and widowers know this feelings very well. Enjoy your partner, be thankful and show extraordinary relationship gratitude for having them alive with you.

When you make daily appreciation a part of your day to day relationship routine, you would make your partner’s love for you begin to germinate, grow and blossom like a flower in a properly nourished and watered garden. You prepare a good ground to developing and building extraordinary, happy and lasting relationship with him or her.

Your heart’s Yearning: What Does your Heart really craves for?

When you have grown to focus your attention to who you are and where you are coming from in your relationship life, your next bet is to figure out what your heart’s cravings are. You need to focus on yourself here and not on your partner. You’d be able to grow a bit further in your relationship if you have a better awareness of self and much more stability if you learn to stay within the limits of who you are and what you hope to achieve.

You can easily drift erroneously to start focusing on your partner on what you want him or her to do or not do to constitute your happiness. When you have known what interests you in life together with where you want to go in life, it is easy to tell if any partner that comes into your life is having equivalent focus.

Your capacity to select partners intelligently and considering the common goals you have together greatly boosts your ability to build strong relationship.

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