Overcoming The Feeling Of Loneliness

Overcoming The Feeling Of Loneliness

Loneliness is one of the worse feeling anyone could experience, it can make you thoughtless, thinking you’re worthless, unable to do any other things successfully with a full concentration of your will power. Loneliness is also one of the least possibilities of committing suicide, if it is not put to check, it can ruin someone’s life before realizing the devastating effect on the human’s mind.

Overcoming The Feeling Of LonelinessBut just as bad as it is, loneliness has some benefits of its own; one may not be totally without it, because with loneliness you’re able to understand the pain and how to help someone feeling it overcome it. Your loneliness can also be an indication that all is not well in your relationship, you expectation is not being met because your relationship is not as emotionally balanced as you’d preferred, there has not been enough supportive or engaging as you’d really want it to be and that is a good opportunity for you to identify those problematic area in your life and make concrete effort to find a lasting solution to it.

How then do you overcome the feeling of loneliness?

To overcome the feeling of loneliness, there are some certain thing you need to do that will help you identify the root cause of your loneliness and once you’re able to dealt with it, you’ll feel better and become useful to yourself with your thought.

To feel relieve of loneliness pain, you’ll need to learn to be aware, accept and be compassionate.

The awareness is the realization that loneliness is not a fact, it is just a feeling. Before you begin to feel lonely, something might have triggered that feeling in you, it is not a permanent feeling that resides in your at all time. The way our brain is design is to pay awareness to pain and impending danger, this allow the feeling of loneliness to get over us because, it is an impending danger to our whole being.

When you’re able to create that awareness of what loneliness can do and the danger associated with it, that can help you go a long way in overcoming it. This also will mean, allowing it to take its place but for a very short period of time. If it require you to cry over it, do the crying and let the feeling go instead of dwelling with it for long time, which will create more devastating effect on you whole being.

And that bring me to the next way to overcome loneliness awkward feeling, accepting it which I have just hit the point in the last sentence above.

You don’t have to run from it by trying to numb it or going to sleep or watch television or playing video game as some may probably love to. It will come back again and still hurt you big time, doing any of those activities that’ll help you to take your mind away from it, is just for a short period of time.

If you really want to get over it, you’ll need to accept it, stop criticizing yourself unworthy of others, all the self-deflating thought should not be give permission to dwell long in your mind.

Being compassionate about loneliness feeling is just to remind yourself that, it is not only you that felt this things, others too feel the same, it is just that part of human experience that one just have to go through at least once in a while. Show compassion to other who feel lonely and as you show to others, you too deserve such compassion

This is a human kind of pain that make you feel different from others but love to be connected with other people. You wouldn’t want to see people with this kind of pain but here, you’re feeling it.

Just accept the feeling and then offer yourself the compassionate feeling, by going through it this way, it will help you to feel less of the pain and that will open you up to feel connected with other people, with that, you’ll be able to reach out to more people and before you know it, the feeling is gone.

The compassionate aspect is very important, once you’re able to focus on the needs and feelings of others, the less attention on your lonely judgments and moods.

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