7 Very Important New Year Tasks For You

It is another brand new year and for those who don’t know any better, the annual new year resolutions are in full swing. Let’s talk about important new year tasks though.

important new year tasks

Note that ‘important new year tasks‘ is just a cool way of making new year resolution more achievable.

Because, it is clear that new year resolutions are promises we make to ourselves and don’t keep in the long run. So how about changing the label and calling it, ‘important new year tasks.’

Perhaps a brand-change would help us keep these promises which are well-intentioned in the first place. Besides, nobody in their right senses takes these new year resolutions serious anymore.

So, I am so done with making new year resolutions. Instead, making a list important new year tasks would seem a better option.

These tasks would be like a set of targets. A way to measure how successful the year was when the time comes for reckoning in twelve months time.

And the awesome thing about these important new year tasks is that they are easy to keep. It all boils down to rules to make you a better person for the rest of the year.

Important New Year Tasks

Love yourself more

important new year tasks

Now, how easy can that be as a new year resolution? Unfortunately, some people would make something so simple look like rocket science.

For instance, how about quitting that toxic relationship that is taking you nowhere this year? How hard can it be to just walk away?

That is one way to show love to yourself.

There are so many other ways and things you can to show love to yourself. The main point is to eliminate habits or life styles that make you unhappy or depressed.

Love your partner better

important new year tasks

Again, as one of the important new year tasks, how hard can it be to love your partner or spouse more?

Remember the things that attracted you to them. Remember how you couldn’t have enough of them in the beginning. Rekindle those feelings and see how happy your partner would be.

Obviously, this task is for those who are in relationships. For singles, I guess you can say this is one less thing you have to worry about this year. Especially, if you intend to stick to your single status.

Be happy and contented

important new year tasks

A mistake many folks make is to link their happiness to the fortunes of others. Or to events outside their control.

That is a sure path to making yourself miserable all year long.

Comparatively, this is one of the hardest new year tasks to achieve. This reason is simple. Man is a social animal that needs other people to function optimally.

However, it is best to minimize how much you depend on others or events to be happy.

A good example is to invest a little less emotion in the football team you support. Fans of a club like Arsenal would know what I am talking about.

Again, never link your happiness to events or other people you can’t control. This is one tasks ¬†introverts would find easy to keep I’m sure.

Friends and family

important new year tasks

If last year was a shitty year in your relationship with friends and family, why not make a clean break from it all.

I don’t mean disown them. Discard the mess that made it impossible to have an amicable relationship with them.

Whatever the problem was, bear this in mind: what is the worst that could happen if you decide to love them better this year?

The bottom line is this though, removing all that hate, anger or bitterness towards friends and family from your heart would definitely make you make happier and better person.

A bit more exercise won’t hurt

important new year tasks

Come on, what stopped you hitting the gym last year should never be allowed to have a place in your life.

We always have some ready excuses not to exercise. The worst is waiting for the perfect time before integrating some exercise routine into out lives.

Another useless excuse is the lack of the proper running shoes to use.

There are so many exercises we can do both indoors and outdoors. We don’t have to buy expensive equipment. Even a fun thing like regular swimming is a good way to exercise our bodies.

Improve your diet this year

important new year tasks

Okay, the festivities are over. I am sure despite the advice on how to eat responsibly at Christmas, many people ignored it and gorged themselves silly with food.

It is now time to face the task of taking taking care of your body. The first step is making sure the foods that goes into you are all balanced diet.

You’d do well to cut down on processed and fast foods. Ultimately, try to eliminate them completely from your fridge and your life.

Take better care of your health

important new year tasks

Talk about saving the best for last.

Taking better care of your health goes without saying as one of the most important new year tasks for everybody.

From another perspective, keeping all the above tasks would have the added benefit of making you very healthy.

So, if for nothing else, think of your health as the greatest beneficiary of sticking to these promises you made to yourself.

So, there they are. Seven important new year tasks for everybody. Tasks that are easily achievable and dove tail perfectly into your daily routine.

These tasks are nothing drastic that would take you too far out of your comfort zone.

We would love to hear from you what you think about this. And if you have some other important new year tasks that would be of immense help to people, please share them with us in the comment section.

And please remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more important updates like this one.

Cheers and happy new year.

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