How To Instill Thankfulness To Your Child

How To Instill Thankfulness To Your Child

Very often, in the routine and bustle of daily life modern parent who is trying to give to his child all important skills of surviving in the modern cruel world forgets about upbringing in his child such important human quality as thankfulness. But what thankfulness is and how it is expressed in everyday life? Science said that this is feeling of appreciation for the good done, for example for attention or service. But truly this is sense that updates a person’s soul, creating new quality of character that change and shape the future.
But if this feeling is so important, then how do you instill it to your child?
  • One of the really effective ways to raise in your child such quality as thankfulness is to show him on your own example what it is and how it’s necessary in social and family life. If you want your child feel and show the gratitude for anything – do the same thing. Let him see a good example of correct behavior and attitudes. Thanks your child for all that he gives you, whether it is an ordinary stick which he brought to you or a piece of bark. Tell him thanks for his gift and show your gratitude.
  • You can also play the game form of communication in which one gets anything from another and thanks, then passes it back and waits for response of thankfulness. This will help your child to form a pattern of behavior, which in time will become a habit and will be brought to automate. This will help him in his future adult life, because a grateful people will be more successful in life and easier to build relationships with other people. Thankfulness teaches children to overcome their selfish impulses and see themselves as full-fledged members of the society in which to be reckoned with the desires of others.
  • Also very important to form in your child concept of the value of different things: money, work, food, pleasures. Do not surround him with all the material goods. Let the child know what a work at home, help parents, physical work. Furthermore, this work should not be a punishment, but as a due. You have to explain to your child that each member of the family has not only defined benefit, but also responsibilities.
  • It is essential to teach your child that feeling of gratitude and its expression in relation to other people is not something to be ashamed and not an expression of weakness. Conversely, only a strong and honest man is not afraid to express this feeling to others. Tell to your child stories about heroes and fairytale characters that possess such qualities and achieve many victories because of them. Children are more likely to absorb these skills if they have front of them a good example.
The most effective way to instill your child the necessary human qualities – is to create an enabling environment in the family, where each member belongs to another with gratitude and understanding. Do not forget that your child is more a reflection of yourself and you are the only kind of man he will be in the future.

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