Give Your Man Respect and You Will Be Loved

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Give Your Man Respect and You Will Be Loved

2. Don’t hurt your man’s ego;

Men don’t like when their women is trying to compete with them in the house. You can never get the best of your man if you are doing things that hurt his ego. Don’t compare him with anybody outside of your home. Doing that shows no respect for him and there can never be any way such man will love you.

Give Your Man Respect and You Will Be LovedAny woman that helps her man boost his ego will be cherished by the man, the woman has shown respect for him and in return the man will show great love for such woman.

3. Respect him but not to fear him;

There is a clear different between respect and fear. If the presence of your man will send shiver up your spine, it then mean the woman is under bondage and she need freedom.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom but the fear of your husband is the end of your freedom. Respect man but you don’t necessary need to fear, he is not created to be fear but to be respected.

Give respect to your man doesn’t mean everything he’s willing to will be totally accepted by the woman at all time. There should be a place of dialogue where both man and woman should sit together and discuss ideas on how to move your marriage forward.

Women Need For Love

To love mean to cherish and care for. Because female was created for the purpose of receiving love, a woman doesn’t just desire love, she truly requires it. As much as a man needs to know that he is respected, a woman needs to feel that she is love.

A woman wants to feel that she is important and special to her husband.  When a man spends time with a woman, it makes her feel cherished and care for because she knows she comes first in his life. If a woman is single, receiving love is still her greatest need.

Male friends and relatives can meet her need by showing brotherly love through acts of kindness, companionship, and assistance during life difficulties.

1. Show your man respect to truly deserve his love for you;

As much as man needs respect, so also woman need love. When man learns to truly show his woman love, there is bound to be a successful relationship provided the woman gives respect in return to the love shown to her by the man.

Women generally, except for some few others, have a tender heart. In my experiences, researches and books I have read, I have found out that woman feel more loved when shown love by men compare to how men generally feel loved. Men too feel loved but not as deep as that of the women. Show your wife love and she will give you a deserved respect.

2. For long term successful relationship, only love and not the material wealth a man possess will make the woman remain in the house. There are thousands of wealthy men around the world today, they never enjoy long term successful love and relationship life.

They have all the money but don’t show enough love to their woman to make them remain in relationship with them. The love shown is insufficient for the women to stay.

If you want to be successful in your relationship and marriage, you need to give your man respect and you will be loved in return. This also does not take away the fact that women too need to be respected, both man and woman need respect but man value respect much more than women do and woman too feel more appreciated when shown love their men than how men feel when shown love by the female.

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