4 Reasons to Date A High Maintenance Woman

Juliet is a high maintenance woman. Okay, before you think I am getting ahead of myself, let me tell you how I know she is one. She ticks all the boxes society uses to determine a high maintenance woman.

high maintenance woman

Her clothes are the latest. Even if these outfits are sometimes bizarre, on her, they look like they were made specially for her alone and look good.

You never find her hanging around a cheap restaurant. She’d rather starve than be found breathing the air in these eateries with their cheap grimy plastic chairs and tables.

She never shares a cab with anybody. She pays her fare alone. No matter the cost and the distance. Hell would freeze over before Juliet would be found in a taxi with other passengers. She knows at the very least, there is some guy at the end of her cab drive to pick up the bill.

high maintenance womanI am not even going to talk about the amount of money sunk every month into her hair, make-up, skin, nails and the spas and massages. Just know, it takes a pretty penny to keep her looking the way she loves.

The first time I entered her apartment, I knew a pastor had a better chance of coaxing water out of rock than for me to afford her lifestyle. The apartment looked liked it was taken out of an advert for a well furnished home.

But Juliet is not the kind of girl to humiliate or disgrace the mojo out of you publicly if you dare mess up. The only beef, apart from the normal relationship problems, you’d have with her is your lack of money. Then she would just quietly walk away and look for a man to keep her in her accustomed lifestyle.

After all, she is very pretty and there are many guys out there with enough money to burn on a woman.

After hanging out a bit with a high maintenance woman like Juliet, it got me thinking seriously about them. If you have the money, you would have lots of fun with somebody like her. I promise you.

Apart from the fact they’d go through your money like hot knife through butter, dating them could be a pretty awesome experience. My reasons come from my limited experience with Juliet though. But it could apply to every relationship with a high maintenance woman.

high maintenance womanThey Hate Slouches

Especially a broke ass slouch. To fit into the dynamism of their lives, you have to know what you are doing at anytime. How they take precious time to take care of their looks is the same dedication they expect you, the man, to apply in whatever you do.

Especially, if what you are doing is guaranteed to increase your bank balance and make her look good.

She is not going to stand for it if your work involves sitting down on your narrow tail the whole day and your pay at the end of the month is barely above the minimum wage. She’d be your motivation to get a better job. Or just get a job.

A High Maintenance Woman is Meticulous

This was one of the first things I noticed. Juliet pays attention to details. The way she picked her clothes, is the same way she expect her man to organize his life. You learn to do things very well.

So if you are a mediocre in most things, be prepared for hell when you date a high maintenance woman. She’d not allow you rest until you up your game.

You Become Creative with Money

Let’s assume you don’t have tons of money just lying around. And your depend on a monthly income to get by. A high maintenance woman would bring out the hidden financial wizard in you. You have no choice if you want want to keep her.

With her, you’ll learn how to make every penny count. Before you know it, you’ve unwittingly become a money management guru, albeit, to your own income alone.

high maintenance womanYou’ll Always be Proud of Her in Public

We men are so visual. A high maintenance woman with her carefully cultivated persona appeals to that side of our nature. She is the kind of woman you proudly take to any official function.

When you date a girl like that, you’d be looking forward to the next school reunion gig so you can show her off to your friends.

One thing with a high maintenance woman is this, they make you look more successful than you actually are. Especially if you are not the CEO of a large firm.

So hey, forget the stories of how girls like that can wreck a man financially. Only a fool would allow that to happen to him. I know I am talking to dudes who know when to run. Or when not to start a fire they can’t put off.

I would love to hear your take on this issue. Maybe I am missing something vital. Use the comments section to set me straight. Or expose my ignorance in our large community on Facebook and Twitter.

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