Signs That You Are Walking Down The Aisles With Your True Husband

How prepared you are for marriage before embracing it will determine how solid the foundation of your house is and how successful it will be. A wise woman would want a foundation that is built on solid rock- One that would withstand any type of pressure, wind, storm or rain.

But she who laid a foundation on straw would expect nothing other than a weak and feeble foundation that would easily be pulled down by the slightest amount of pressure, storm and rainfall according to the Holy Bible. Look for the following signs in your man or husband to ensure you are walking down the aisles with the right man.

Your true husband and the man you are walking down the aisles with would love you for who you truly are


You may be that lady who loves to dress to impress people and so when you pass lots of heads turn round to stare at you but this guy loves the way you look even when you are dressed in your night gowns and pajamas.

It’s a sign that he loves you when he’s not fascinated on all the accessories and artificial make ups you put on, but loves you for who you really are. Passion and desire are feelings that may attract a man to you in the first place, but genuine love is what makes him to stay put.

And real love emanates from real, natural beauty. If the man you are walking down the aisles with does find you as naturally beautiful, it is a bonus also makes sure that you too love him for who he really is.

He ensures that your sexual needs are met

The majority of men are not bothered about their partner’s satisfaction in bed. They just want to satisfy their desire and leave the woman unsatisfied.

A man in love with you would ensure that sure you get all the right attention in bed. He’s not eager to finish, until you both have had satisfaction. A healthy sexual relationship over the year is among the clear signs that he deeply loves you and can never get enough of you

A man that truly loves you would want to spoil you with love and affection

He wakes up before you, enter the kitchen and prepare the breakfast and as well serve you.

He may as well go out of his way to buy your favorite pastries. He buys the best gifts for your special days –birthday, Christmas and the like.

He has his own life, but he always puts you first in everything he does. Relationship is like the two side of a coin. Make sure you balance it out.

A man that truly loves you would support your dreams

He doesn’t play with your dreams and is always behind you to support your decisions. A man that you are walking down the aisles with would go the extra mile to assist you out when it comes to accomplishing your dreams.

He treats your targets as they were his because he wants to team up with you. You must also support his ambitions because two heads are better than one.

A man that loves you would take your advice seriously

The fact that he takes your advice seriously and follows your recommendations is enough proof that he respects your opinion.

If your guy is good at listening, you must be thankful and stick with him for such men are hard to come by

Your real husband and the man you are walking down the aisles with will be proud of you

When he speaks about you before his friends, he is full of pride. If he’s very excited when he speaks of your latest accomplishment at the gym or how you were promoted at work, then it is a clear pointer that he is in love with you.

Again, if the man you are walking down the aisles with admires your intellectual background, your academic achievements or the fact that you make more money than he does, it shows his love for you. He does so because he loves you. Competing with each other isn’t good for your relationship.

Some guys are quite comfortable to express their affections for a woman they love. A few other guys have difficulty expressing their romantic feelings. The man you are walking down the aisles with may love you but may not be very skillful at expressing how much he loves you. The above signs help you to determine if a guy truly loves you and if he is the best stuff for marriage.

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