How to Curtail Excessive Spending in Marriage

Would you agree with me that couples can curtail excessive spending in marriage and that issues relating to money are of great concern to everyone whether single or married?

How you spend or save money depends entirely on you as no one has the right to tell you how you should spend your money.

Managing your finances is a matter of choice and something that should be handled properly whether you are married or not.

For all those that are married, this article will show you how you can curtail excessive spending in marriage.

Why do you think people spend so much? It could be that:

  • They have too much money
  • They can’t just control the urge to over spend
  • They want to show off

Excessive spending in marriage does have its advantages and disadvantages.

Find out below the various ways you can curtail excessive spending in marriage.

Resist that urge:

As a married man or woman, you have a lot to worry about such as your spouse and children.

And as such when spending money, you should be focused to buy only what you need.

It cannot be denied that there are certain times you go out to buy something and are distracted by another.

It is said that human wants are insatiable and in as much as you feel the need to want to buy everything you see, try ignoring that urge and buy only what is necessary.

Think about tomorrow:

Excessive spending in marriage can in a way hunt you if you’re not careful.

Consider the fact that if you spend all you have today, what would be left to spend tomorrow?

When shopping next time, do not think only of satisfying your immediate needs but think about those wants you would need to satisfy tomorrow.

Stick to your budget:

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If you’re the type that spends a lot while disregarding it’s relevance, sticking to a budget would be ideal for you.

Before leaving your house, make a list of all the things you need that are important and map out how much you think they would cost.

After getting the estimate cost, ensure you leave your house with the exact money needed to purchase those things.

This is necessary because you might get tempted to buy something that is not on your list which might be difficult to resist.

When you have a budget and you stick to it regularly, it makes you disciplined and more money conscious.

Ask yourself questions:

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When next you feel like spending more than is necessary, ask yourself questions like:

  • Do I need this item now or later?
  • How important is this item to me or my family?
  • Will this item be of value to me and my family?
  • Will this item be a waste if I buy it?

If you can give honest answers to these questions then you don’t need anyone’s advise on what to do concerning your spending.

Seek help:

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If you find it impossible dealing with excessive spending in marriage, you can ask your spouse to assist you.

But only do this if your spouse is disciplined in financial matters.

Your spouse can help you curb those excesses in your finances and guide you into spending appropriately.

Withdraw money at a time:

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Sometimes having too much cash with you can make you spend anyhow.

To curtail excessive spending in marriage, ensure you have the right amount you think you need rather than having a surplus you don’t need.

This would only make you long to buy what you do not even need.

As a mother or father, it’s important to curtail excessive spending in marriage not just for you but also for your children.

Always remember that your kids watch your actions and imitate what you do.

If you spend money unnecessarily, they will follow in your footstep and do likewise.

If you’re able to curtail excessive spending in marriage, you’re indirectly planning for your future.

How many of you are guilty of this? Would you love to share?

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