Good To Go 10 Signs That You’ve Found The Special One

Good To Go 10 Signs That You’ve Found The Special One

In time past, I watched lots of romantic movies series; both local and international. It is always interesting in the movies on how the special one are being found, considering the way the script is written. And that thought dominated part of me that finding the special one is a lot easier if I can follow the pattern at which they are being shown in these series of movies that I have watched.

But I’m wrong, finding the special one is not that easy as what lots us think in the past, although it may be different for individual, but something are certain, that you can’t find the special one by chance and that you cannot know if the person is the special one if you cannot find these good to go 10 signs that you’ve found the special one.

Signs That You’ve Found The Special OneYou don’t feel perturb by the flaws

It is only when you find the special one that their flaw does not make you think otherwise, and you can boldly say, you’ve found your special one. This will even be more interesting if your special one can say the same thing to you without you influencing their thought about finding you.

Perfect timing

If you’re going into a relationship at the wrong time, the probability of not being successful with the relationship is very high. When the timing is off, just forget it, because it going to take you lots of work before putting things right and that is never going to guarantee you that you’ve found the special one.

For instance, you will hardly get it right when going into relationship with someone that has just broke-up. This is different from someone that breakup just because of you seem to answer the unanswered questions he or she demand from the other person. Another wrong timing is getting it rough at the initial stage of your relationship, even when you are able to manoeuvre  the rocky start, the fact still remain, the relationship timing is off and you’re still going to meet greater difficulties that will seriously shake the foundation of your relationship, which in many cases, it leads to going separate ways. Don’t ever underestimate proper timing, when it’s about being with the special one

Your being together is not because of your loneliness

If it is because of the fear of being lonely that makes you rush into a relationship, you have a faint hope of meeting the special one. But if you get into the relationship without the fear of loneliness; you’re on the right track. The state of being lonely can force you into a relationship that you will later regret, because at that state, it almost becomes anything goes and you will most time be blinded to things you’ll not want to be associated with in a partner.

So, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ve found the special one just because you can’t stand the fear of being lonely.

There’s a complete trust

If a person is going to be your special one, then you must trust the person and the person as well must trust with no reservation. If you cannot trust your partner, it is better you let go the relationship now, don’t try to cope with it or thinking you can both work it out on how to trust each other. If you try doing that, it is more like putting up fire at the roof top and going into your bedroom to have some sleep, you will be consume by the fire. Completely trusting one another is one of the major determinants to know if you’ve found the special one.

Respect one another

When you respect your partner and you receive the same thing from your partner, you’re more likely to have found the special one. This is because love and respect are two combo that you can’t separate them when it about relationship and being with the special one. I once wrote an article where pointed it out that, when you give a man respect, you’ll be love more than you think [Read it here; Give your man respect and you will be love]

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  1. When a man is dating a woman holder that him and the woman love him back and they re far apart to each other.
    How would he know if the woman love him truly. Thank you.

  2. Great site, thank you very much for your words of encouragement, truly respect to your man attract more love and caring, I am a living witness.

  3. really, i think this piece is jst a wake up to me, though i use to think am in love back then, now am not in love but am highly satisfied with these lines it makes me to conscious next attempt…thanks.

  4. This site really helps my relationship, I must say that now I’m very happy with my partner. in fact, it’s a perfect match.

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