Wedding Planning Top Tips On How To Plan A Perfect Wedding

When we attend a wedding ceremony and see how beautiful the whole place is, or how successful it was, we smile and wish to have the same for ourselves, but, we have no idea the amount of money and hard work that was involved in making everything work out fine.

Such wedding celebrations were successful because the planners applied wedding planning top tips. To help you plan your wedding perfectly, we have provided you with wedding planning top tips below. Try also to read the previous article Plan Your Wedding According To Your Budget: Wedding Planning Tips.

Wedding planning top tips
Wedding planning top tips

Estimation of guest wedding planning top tips

After sending out your wedding invitation cards, most of the invitees will call back to congratulate you and let you know if they will be able to attend while some will only congratulate you. Others may not even call but when the day comes they will show up.

Now the question is this, how do you know exactly how many people will be present? First, calculate the number of those you sent invitations to apart from the ones who called back to tell you that they would not be able to make it. After that, keep in mind that most of these invitees have families and friends who they would personally invite to accompany them.

Calculate the numbers of church members you know are regular at wedding services and reception as well as those that are close to you who will surely come. Think about your immediate and extended family as well as that of your spouse to be. Also if you and your spouse to be are in associations or clubs think about the members and calculate them too.

Keep in mind that even though some of these people will end up not coming, other uninvited guests will come to take their place and even if they finally come, people you didn’t really invite will still show up as long as invitation is open.    If this is too stressful for you, you can choose the “strictly by invitation pattern.” This way, you will be sure of your estimation of guests that will be present.

 Marriage license and name changing document

Of course you will be very busy with preparations but do not forget to apply for your marriage license and name changing document (Name changing applies to the woman only). Without this wedding planning top tips, you have done nothing.

Buying of gifts and printing your wedding labels on them

Gifts can include jotters, calendars, pens, umbrella, ceramic or plastic plates and cups, trays, hand towels, handkerchiefs etc.  Once they are bought, you can either print you pictures and names on them or get a printer to design stickers which you will plaster on their bodies.

Arranging with your caterer / vendors wedding planning top tips

This is one very important part and wedding planning top tips that you shouldn’t play with. If these people don’t come through for you, your wedding reception party will most definitely be a flop. Discuss your menu with your caterer and check on your vendors to make sure they make deliveries in time. Also decide if you want the caterer to handle your wedding cake or if you prefer to buy from a cake vendor.

Book ahead for rental equipment

If you are using an open space, it will be nice to rent chairs and canopies. The canopies are important because no one wants to sit under the sun or rain. But if using a hall, it is still important to rent chairs and other necessary things e.g. generator, just in case electricity fails. Also you can hire a cooling Van; this is to help keep the drinks cold.

Finally, make sure you work within the limits of your budget by keeping these wedding planning top tips. We all know that it is easier said than done, especially since it has to do with planning a wedding, but, if you discipline yourself enough and go for only the necessities at an affordable price, you will definitely maintain your budget.


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