Best Ways To Ask A Woman On A Date and Hear Yes

Best Ways To Ask A Woman On A Date and Hear Yes

Asking a woman out is simple on the one hand, and yet gets many men confused. And despite its simplicity, making mistakes when you ask her out will make her refuse or reject you – even if she likes you and wants to go on a date.

In this post I will give you several important tips on how to ask a woman out successfully.

Best Ways To Ask A Woman On A Date and Hear YesEstablish initial Comfort and Attraction

“Excuse me. I think you are cute. Do you want to go out with me sometime?” – This is a terrible way to ask a woman out, and it’s a lame way to approach a woman you like.

The problem here is that men are mainly attracted to a woman’s physical looks. Within seconds from the moment that you see a girl, you basically know if you like her or not. So to many of you guys, it seems reasonable to approach a girl, show their interest and ask her out right away.

However, women are different. We are mainly attracted to a man’s behavior and characteristics, and not to physical looks. A woman will be looking for certain masculine qualities in you – so this takes time to build this attraction.

 In addition, a woman needs to feel at least some basic level of comfort before she will agree to go on a date with you.

 So before you even consider asking her out, you need to make sure she’s attracted to you. How can you know this? Well, women reveal their interest in both conscious and subconscious levels.

Conscious female signals of attraction include: asking questions about you, checking if you are single (and mentioning the fact that she’s single) and giving you compliments.

Subconscious signals include: touching her hair and face, touching you, smiling, laughing, etc.

Don’t ask a girl out before you see these signals of interest, because your chances to get a positive answer without them will be pretty low.

Show That You’re Interested

When you get surprised, the chances of giving a good answer are bad. So you don’t want to surprise her with you proposal to go out. In fact, even girls who seemed be very interested in flirting and going out, can reject you if you  ask her out, “out of the blue” . They can say “sorry” or “I don’t know”, even though they were interested.

Before you ask a girl out, show her that you are interested. This is best done by giving her a compliment, and telling her what you like about her. Try to be original and don’t use the clichés complements about how beautiful her eyes are. Better to say that you like something in her personality or the way she smile. [Also Read; How to attract any woman and turn her into your girlfriend]

Example: “I like the way you tell stories. It’s very cute”, or “You have very confident posture, I like it”, or “Your style is very elegant and well-groomed. I like women who take care of their looks.

Now, after she’s shown her interest in you, and you’ve shown your interest in her, you can go on and ask her out.

Specific about Your Plans

Using a generic offer, such as “Do you want to go out sometime?” or “Can I get your number and we’ll go out?” is not very effective.

If a girl is interest, she might agree, but if you want her to say “Yes” for sure, be more specific about your plans.

Tell her what you want to do, where and even when. Example: “I want us to go out to a place that I like downtown and drink some wine together. What are you doing on Tuesday?”

When you’re specific and describe what you want to do, she’ll feel easier to agree. After she said yes, you can ask for her number too. Good luck!

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