The 7 Principles of Smart Dating: You Can’t Go Wrong Following it

The 7 Principles of Smart Dating

In our world today, every man and woman much learn the principle of dating, being it normal dating or virtual dating the one that is called online dating. For everyone you desire a successful dating must learn the principle governing a smart dating. Successful online dating too will require individual to be smart about it let alone the real life dating. Many tips and tricks have been written out there but how many people are all these tips really working for. The following principle of smart dating cannot be pushed aside if you really desire a successful dating.Principles of smart dating

1. Don’t Play Games, Pressure, or Manipulate Someone: If you are looking for friends or relationships that go the distance, they must be built on being genuine. Don’t pressure someone to be in a relationship with you.

2.Don’t Try to Change the Other Person: Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can do a make-over on another person. The truth is, what you see is what you get. A relationship or friendship where one person is trying to change the other person into something or someone they are not is doomed.

3.Don’t Try to Change Yourself: It’s just as important to be true to yourself. Don’t try to become whatever you think others want you to be.

4.Expect Good Communication and Don’t Run from Conflict: If you find you have differences or conflicts in a dating relationship, talk about them. Don’t avoid. How you communicate and deal with conflicts now says a lot about the future success and satisfaction you’ll enjoy in a relationship with someone. Expect respect for your boundaries regarding language, drugs, alcohol, and sex from a dating partner.

5. Have a Bottom Line for How You Want to Be Treated: People will treat you the way you let them.

6.Look for Common Interests-Seek a Good Match: The happiest couples typically have a lot in common. They often have similar levels of intelligence and energy and share common interests.

7.Pay Attention to Values: Relationships are likely to be very troubled if partners’ basic values are out of sync. It’s very important to clarify first your own values. Does this person share and/or respect my values?

If you can follow these seven principles of smart dating, you can’t go wrong no matter what. The only thing that can make you go wrong is not to apply the smart dating principle according to the way it is stated here.

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  1. I have read this blog too, I like this blog as u have mentioned some dating tips ,I would love to implement .really a nice blog


  2. Anthony Adeokun

    Yah! Naraaj really those are the 7 principle of smart dating. Just follow them and you can be wrong with it except your partner want something else.
    Thank for dropping by.

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