Ladies, Here Are 5 Important Reasons Why Men Love Cars So Much

This piece is mainly for the ladies. It is a plea for understanding. I am begging you angels not to be too hard on us because you don’t seem to understand why we men love cars so much to the point the love can override any other consideration.

men love cars

Sometimes we don’t understand the feeling too. It is just the way we see it. Just like we are wired to spent so much time thinking about sex; or how we find ourselves unable to entertain the thought of not having another partner, our impulse towards cars verges on the inexplicable.

Ladies, if you’d ever felt deep frustration about your man’s attitude towards his car, objectively I can understand where you are coming from. Some men love cars so much they don’t mind their accounts being in the red just to make sure the car is always on the road. Subjectively, as a man, I implore you to indulge us this one eccentricity, because loving that car so much might be the only thing that makes complete sense in a confusing world.

Do you find that rather spurious? Okay, let me try and break it down for you girls. If at the end you still don’t get why men love cars so much, I’ll just chalk it down as one of the many reasons why women are so complex. Even more so than the cars you want us to treat with undeserved indifference.

men love carsMen Love Cars Because it Boost their Self Esteem

Cars give men an increased sense of self-worth. Finally owning a car is like a rite of passage to the club of real men.

Some of the things that we men consider essential to our manhood were hammered into our heads since we were kids by society .

Getting an education and finding a good job is one. Making enough money to marry and take care of a family is another. An important subtext to showing we have successfully made it as men is to buy the car of our dreams.

So tell me how something that gave us an honored place in society cannot be loved?

Cars give us a Feeling of being Completely in Charge

We men want to control things completely. In the real world of relationships with complicated women, we find that desire cannot be attained because the women in our lives cannot be manipulated the way we really want. Hell, we can’t get you ladies to indulge us a few minutes of good sex anytime we want it.

But with a car, we get a complex machine completely under our control at the best of times. It does whatever we want it to do. Period.

Status Symbol

men love carsMy friend Mark is broke and jobless. But he never goes out without his car. He does not mind that he has to pester his friends for money to buy petrol and service the car. He understands one thing, something all men with cars understand: men love cars because it is among the top of the ultimate status symbol check list.

Doors open easily for you if you arrive with a car. People in offices are more willing to give you audience if you have a car.

Unlike the ladies, all you need to do to get attention is to dress impeccably, smile to reveal your dazzling teeth, and if you are naturally beautiful and you know how to enhance it with the right clothes and good makeup, all doors would open willingly for you.

Tell me why men won’t love something that does that for them?

Girls Love Men With Cars

men love carsThere is never any formal acknowledgement of that fact by both sexes. Most of the time, we say need something that can take us from point A to point B. Top on the list of point A to B is, from our girl’s apartment to a wonderful date.

When it comes to getting the girl of our dreams, driving a car to woo her won’t hurt our chances one bit. But the real deal is what arriving at girl’s apartment behind the wheels of a nice car does to the man’s psyche.

Behind the wheels of a car, your normally shy guy becomes the consummate pick up artist. Maybe that is taking it too far, but guys know what I mean. The confidence to approach a girl is seriously boosted with the ownership of a car.

I am sure many ladies really feel me on that.

Image of who we are

men love carsYou know how it is written that God created man in his image? That is what happens with our cars. We know we can modify and tinker with that lovely machine until it becomes what we want it to be.

It is not coincidental that you hardly find women who design cars. The design and production of cars is almost completely a man’s world.

Just as God loves us, his creation, that is how men love cars too. We feel a compelling bond with what we created. Or in the case of men like me, the bond to something we took time and money to pimp up can be stronger than the bond to some woman who might end up making life a living hell for us.

So ladies, that is the best I can give you on why men love cars. If you are still unconvinced, tell me about it in the comments section. Or you can do same on our Twitter or Facebook page.

Guys, you can help me out with your comments too if you think I missed some very good reasons why men love cars so much. Cheers.

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