5 Things She Doesn’t Care About You Think Are Very Important

I never liked Mel Gibson until I watched ‘What Women Want.’ I thought the film was going to provide answers to what at that time was the most important question plaguing my young teenage mind. It didn’t. The film was interesting though.

I had lots of laughs seeing how a dude, even after knowing what a woman is thinking, still found it difficult to have the perfect relationship with her.  Over the years, I found myself in that Mel Gibson situation where she doesn’t care about what I thought were important to her.

she doesn't care

One of my favorite jokes about how hard it is to understand a women was about that genie who would rather build a multiple lane highway across the Atlantic Ocean than grant a silly dude’s wish the gift of understanding women. When I first heard that joke, it settled quite a few things in my mind. First off, it’s difficult understanding women. Secondly, I wasn’t alone. Apparently all men face the same problem.

And thirdly, even magical beings are perplexed by women. So now I can get on with my life in blissful ignorance about the things women find important. There was no bliss in the ignorance though.

I got a lots of grief instead. Fact is, for a man, you really have to work hard at pleasing your lady. And there are no set rules. What works now isn’t guaranteed to work the next minute.

Things you worked hard into categorizing as important might end up being the things she doesn’t care about. There is no telling with a woman’s mood. Look at the list I curated as a veteran in relationships. Can anybody in all honesty thumb their noses at them? Some women do.

She doesn’t care how Endowed you are

she doesn't careRemember all those times you discuss with guys about whose own is bigger? Using tapes and whatnot to compare? The lengths you went through to get a bigger, fatter thing?

It didn’t help that you heard stories of how a poor dude got laughed out of a relationship because of the small size of his thing. Or all those adverts badgering you about the benefits of bigger and how to get it.

Well, it turns out that size really matters. To us that is. It’s good for our psychology. Women? Trust me, only few of them care about how big it is. They’d rather you prove your mastery in sex by investing a lot of time in foreplay and good technique.

She doesn’t care if it is not Really About Her

If you’ve thumping yourself in the chest in self congratulations because you remembered her dad’s birthday or her favorite actor, I got news for you.

Things like that are not that important to her. Besides her favorite actor could be a different dude by next year. And perhaps she doesn’t get along well with her father.

However, she’d be pissed at you if you forget she prefers her coffee black, or insist on giving her lengthy instructions when you should know she isn’t stupid. Point being, you’ve being around long enough to know the things that sets her apart. Or are you a nitwit?

Other Women

I learnt this the hard way. The fact she loves Beyonce doesn’t mean you should go crushing on Beyonce too in the mistaken belief you want to be on the same musical plane with her.

The same goes for the other women in your life. You are only allowed to talk about them abstractly. Except that woman is your mother or beloved sister.

Maybe you think chatting to ladies on social media right in front of her is your way of showing you got no secrets from her. She’d rather you don’t. If you want to chat, what is wrong with doing it with the one beside you.

She doesn’t care about your Priceless Possessions

she doesn't careYeah, you spent an awful lot of money buying them. They are very important to you.

She doesn’t care about that. She’d love it if your chats aren’t intermittently interspersed with the latest gadget your bought or how your car isn’t humming smoothly enough.

She won’t be impressed if having those things meant you have to spend more time at work to get the money. Though she won’t really mind if three quarters of that money goes into making her happy.


Have you ever wondered why guys with way too much money also go through the same girl problems like ordinary folks. That just proves the point that money matters only up to a point.

Sure it can make it easier to get a girl. But in a long relationship, most women would rather be independent of your wallet. They wouldn’t want to always have to ask you for money.

So stop deluding yourself flashing your fat bank account would keep her. What is important to them is a self-respecting hard working man. And in spite of his money, being humble gets really high marks in their books. They’d rather have a modest man than an idiot who has more money than commonsense.

Because in the final analysis, a moron with money is still a moron.

I know your daddy never told you about the minefield that is relationship with a woman. You see him happily married and you thought it was a walk in the park right?

Maybe it’s time you had a heart-to-heart talk with him about how he successfully navigated that relationship minefield. And don’t be selfish, come back here and share some of the nuggets of wisdom you got from him. Or you can share your thoughts on these or any other issue on Facebook or Twitter. We’d be delighted to have you there.

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